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3D product configurator – A magnificent tool for personalised customer journeys


3D product configurators offer unparalleled advantages in marketing and sales. Customers can customize products to their exact preferences, fostering a sense of ownership and engagement. By providing a lifelike representation of the final product, configurators enhance the buying experience, boosting confidence and reducing hesitation.

How does data become 3D content?


Our partner Rooom’s newest blog explores the fascinating world of 3D models, their five-dimensional nature, and how Rooom’s innovative 3D pipeline transforms any 3D data into web-ready content, enhancing online experiences.

By reading the blog, you can understand the critical steps in Rooom’s 3D pipeline, from data conversion and reduction to compression and interactive display. You’ll also get a glimpse of the future of web-based 3D and AI-generated 3D content.

Read more on Rooom

Wales promotes itself in the metaverse

wales metaverse

Wales is leveraging the metaverse to showcase its attractions through an immersive virtual experience developed by Visit Wales and iCreate. This innovative approach allows users to explore a virtual island featuring a castle, a map of Wales, and a cable car inspired by Llandudno in Conwy county.

The platform also includes interactive quests and itinerary planning, aiming to inspire real-life visits. This initiative makes Wales the first European country to use such advanced digital advertising. Tourism Minister Hannah Blythyn highlights the project’s goal to attract a global audience.

Read more on BBC

[BLOG] Virtual Showroom as an effective B2B marketing tool

virtual showroom

What added value do virtual showrooms provide in B2B marketing? What kind of use cases are they best suited for? Our interactive marketing expert Olli Kettunen shares his thoughts on our blog.

Storytelling in the metaverse can encourage environmental action, a study says

metaverse environmental scaled

A study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking describes how metaverse technologies, such as 360 video and VR, and their interactive nature can make seemingly distant threats, like climate change or ocean acidification, feel close and personally relevant.

“The magic of VR isn’t just that it transports you somewhere, but it meaningfully uses interactivity to reduce psychological distance and increase immersion,” says Daniel Pimentel, an assistant professor in immersive media psychology at UO’s School of Journalism and Communication.


Cannes Film Festival adds XR as an official category and competition

VS TELOSIOfficialTraileronVimeo 023 1

The Cannes Film Festival has added XR (VR, AR, and other variations of spatial computing) as an official category and competition. Eight selected works are included in the newly announced Immersive Competition, and they can accommodate multiple users at once.

One example of the works in the immersive competition is EVOLVER, a VR experience taking place inside the human body. The audience follows the flow of oxygen. Up to six people can experience it at the same time.

Read more on AR Insider

Discussing the business potential of immersive tech


Stereoscape featured in the latest episode of Kasvupodi! In the episode, our Kenneth Korhonen and Business Finland’s Sanni Siltanen shed light on the new business opportunities emerging in the field of immersive technology. They discuss practical applications that exist and are being developed for entrepreneurs and consumers, the benefits they offer, and where Finland stands in metaverse development compared to international players.

Dubai has unveiled its metaverse strategy

Dubai shutterstock f1bhhd

Dubai unveils ambitious plans with its Dubai Metaverse Strategy, targeting over 1 000 companies and 40 000 virtual jobs by 2030, aiming to rank among the world’s top 10 metaverse economies.

The strategy emphasizes innovation through R&D collaborations and advanced ecosystems, utilizing accelerators and incubators. Additionally, Dubai plans to provide metaverse education and leverage Web3 technology for transformative developments across various sectors like tourism, education, retail, healthcare, and remote work.

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5 immersive tech trends listed by PWC

tech trends

In addition to the latest episode of Kasvupodi, you can also explore insights on deriving tangible business value from immersive technology through PWC’s article on 5 immersive tech trends.

This year, enhancements in immersive tech-based applications are anticipated, not only in terms of their capability and user-friendliness but also in their origins. Many are expected to stem from established technology giants, facilitating the seamless integration of immersive tech into existing workflows due to their longstanding relationships with major corporations.

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[WEBINAR] 3D based Dream Room as an effective digital marketing tool

marketing finland webinaari

Lindström and Stereoscape are joining forces once again. This time, Lindström’s Business Unit Leader Sami Toljamo and Stereoscape’s Creative Strategist Janne Itäpiiri, will be discussing our most recent collaborative project – an interactive 3D virtual world called Dream Room in Marketing Finland’s webinar. Toljamo and Itäpiiri will delve into the project’s background, as well as its technical and visual implementation. The Finnish webinar will take place on the 5th of June. You can explore the Dream Room here.

Unlocking insights from big data with interactive video Walls

multitaction bigdata

Interactive video walls are experiencing a surge in demand for their unparalleled ability to turn massive, intricate datasets into actionable intelligence. These dynamic displays empower businesses of all sizes to delve deep into their data, uncovering valuable insights that drive informed decision-making.

Read more on our partner MultiTaction’s blog

18 real-world use cases of the metaverse

Vector 2646 scaled

Metaverse is constantly developing and growing, opening up more and more diverse use cases for companies to enhance their business. TechTarget lists 18 examples for both enterprise and consumer sectors, ranging from virtual tourism to explorations of what-if scenarios.

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A new and inspiring exhibition based on climate data in Helsinki

Josefina Nelimarkka The Cloud of UnKnowing 1080x1920 Niclas Warius Amos Rex 1600x900 1

Now is the time to look up at the clouds – a recommendation to explore what’s inside the cloud.

Josefina Nelimarkka’s exhibition The Cloud of Un/knowing at Amos Rex, Helsinki expands our ability to observe clouds and invisible events in the atmosphere. Stereoscape had a role in supporting the artist in the technology of the exhibition.

In the exhibition the cloud is a unique and fleeting moment, a continuous process guided by invisible streams of data. Real-time measurements from the Arctic regions, boreal forest, and a weather station on the roof of Amos Rex create a beautiful, subtle unity in which light, sound and digital water droplets are in constant motion. The exhibition challenges us to accept the uncertainty and to take in information with all of our senses, giving us an opportunity to get closer to phenomena that we do not yet fully understand.
Through the artworks, we can learn more about climate change and the interconnectedness in the environment.

Find out more on Amos Rex (in Finnish)

Spatial technologies taking hold in industrial applications

deloitte insights spatial

You can discover the latest advancements in spatial computing and the industrial metaverse in Deloitte Insights’ new article. From augmented work instructions to collaborative digital spaces, immersive 3D interaction is transforming industries, with projected revenue reaching nearly US$100 billion by 2030.

Read more on Deloitte Insights

Digital showrooms benefit both sales teams and customers

rooom digital sales rooms

An online sales environment, alternatively referred to as a virtual showroom or transaction space, serves as a platform for showcasing and marketing products or services in an attractive manner. Utilizing 3D settings, virtual showcases, and avatars, companies can effectively engage customers and facilitate purchasing decisions in the digital realm. This shift toward online transactions reflects the growing trend of consumers making purchasing choices through internet platforms.

Read more on Rooom

Lindström’s virtual world promotes responsible thinking among customers

In our latest blog post, Lindström’s Business Unit Director, Sami Toljamo, elaborates on Lindström’s motivation behind venturing into the virtual realm and constructing a virtual world named “Dream Room” in collaboration with Stereoscape.

[Infographic] Life in the metaverse

metaverse market size

Did you know that according to Gartner’s estimates, by 2026, a quarter of the world’s population will spend at least one hour daily in the metaverse? You can discover this and many more insights in Visual Capitalist’s latest illustrative infographic on the metaverse.

Check it out on Visual Capitalist

Germany’s first fully immersive 3D festival website

rooom metaverse festival

The SonneMondSterne Festival, one of Europe’s largest open-air events for electronic music, has made the transition to virtual spaces through Stereoscape’s partner, Rooom’s platform, under the same name.

Within this virtual space, users can seamlessly navigate diverse 3D environments, engage with captivating content, and delve into festival-related experiences. Beyond merely offering entertainment and electronic music, this dynamic platform serves as an informative center for festival updates and boasts an integrated ticket shop.

“We didn’t just want to replicate what already exists – the advantage of virtual 3D spaces is the ability to create entirely new creative concepts without any limits,” says Philipp Helmers, spokesperson for the SMS Festival.

Read more on Rooom

3 ways how Augmented Reality brings joy to events

Breaking the ice, engaging visitors, and creating social media hype… There are various ways in which AR can be utilised in different events. Stereoscape is pleased to share three different use cases with you. Can you come up with more examples?

Nissan educating visitors on traffic safety on its metaverse platform

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has launched the Nissan Heritage Cars & Safe Drive Studio, a pioneering metaverse platform aimed at promoting traffic safety and offering a unique experience with classic heritage vehicles.
Marking Nissan’s 90th anniversary, the studio showcases three iconic models from Nissan’s history within meticulously crafted virtual environments. These settings serve as not only picturesque backgrounds for photos and videos but also interactive zones featuring mini-games and activities focused on imparting vital traffic safety lessons.

Read more on Nissan News

A virtual Tokyo Metaverse promoting the city as a tourist destination

Tokyo Government launches virtual Tokyo Metaverse on Roblox to boost tourism. “HELLO! TOKYO FRIENDS” offers AR sightseeing of Tokyo landmarks. Users can explore “MODERN TOKYO” and join a “TREASURE HUNT” to learn about the city. 

The app aims to connect users globally, introduce Japanese culture, and guide visitors. Completing quests earns ‘hololive friends with u’ plushie for Roblox avatars. Checkpoints offer emblems to unlock exclusive Roblox items and AR photo opportunities with characters.

Read more on XR Today

Stereoscape took the stage in Krakow on Future Training Technologies

20240228 095422

This week, our Kenneth Korhonen headed to the Frontex Conference on Future Training Technologies in Krakow to showcase how Stereoscape’s immersive and interactive solutions can support the training of law enforcement officers of various nationalities and skill sets.

Due to the immense growth of the EU Border Guard personnel, Frontex is looking for new innovative tools for physical, virtual, and blended training capabilities. The conference served as an opportunity to share knowledge on the training technologies of the future.

Stereoscape was one of the companies invited to the conference. In addition to presenting our solutions at our booth, Kenneth Korhonen also took the stage for a 15-minute presentation where he discussed the benefits of 3D, XR and spatial experiences in education and training.

3D scanners playing an increasingly important role in business and cultural contexts

rooom scanners

3D room scanners offer the possibility of virtually mapping real spaces and turning them into immersive experiences with exciting content. These virtual spaces have numerous use cases, including the creation of architectural models, preservation of monuments, and film production. They also serve as a powerful marketing tool, enabling people to visit places from other sides of the world anytime.

Read more on our partner Rooom’s blog.

JigSpace, our partner’s 3D presentation platform, launched on Apple Vision Pro

JigSpace for Apple Vision Pro 0 11 screenshot

Our partner JigSpace’s award-winning 3D presentation platform, has been launched on Apple Vision Pro, offering a wide range of useful features and benefits that can be used for example in training and 3D product demonstrations.

With JigSpace on Apple Vision Pro, you are able to manipulate, move, resize, and rotate your spatial content with your hands, do markups and annotations, or collaborate with your colleagues in multiplayer mode.

JigSpace is widely used by companies in marketing, sales, design, training and manufacturing. It also works on desktop and mobile devices.

Read more on JigSpace.

Presenting AR productivity tools at our office!

This week, we take a look at the productivity tools we are offering for the industrial sector. Stereoscape’s Kenneth Korhonen, wearing an AR headset, demonstrates how the TeamViewer productivity platform makes logistics, assembly, and quality inspection workflows easier and more efficient.

Stereoscape at MUOTI X XR event

IMG 1124

At the MUOTI X XR event last week, Stereoscape’s Emma Granqvist presented how digital fashion supports sustainability. The event was organized by Helsinki XR Center and Suomen Tekstiili & Muoti ry.

Here are a few key points from Emma’s presentation:

  • Text-based, boring sustainability communication is transformed into experiential and memorable experiences through interactive technologies.
  • Digital clothing manufacturing produces 97% fewer carbon emissions.
  • Fashion events that are not possible in the real world can be organized in virtual worlds.

Digital Twins – How are they shaping our future?

digitaltwins libelium

What is a digital twin and why is it discussed so much these days? Libelium has written a comprehensive article on this trendy topic, covering benefits such as cost reduction and environmental footprint reduction.

Read more on Libelium

Stereoscape participating in virtual nature workshops

virtua nature 1 ji 1

Stereoscape is participating in the Virtual Nature Workshop series organized by Helsinki XR Center (Metropolia UAS), Haaga-Helia UAS, and Humak UAS. These workshops aim to enable tourism operators to create global virtual nature packages through XR technology.

In the first workshop on Tuesday this week, our Creative Strategist Janne Itäpiiri presented solutions tailored for tourism and adventure travel.

Web-based 3D and other immersive tech trends in 2024

csm Tech Trends 2024 Blog 100 0353c4d998

Our partner Rooom lists this year’s tech trends related to immersive experiences. In addition to web-based 3D, which entails providing immersive virtual experiences to customers for business growth, other listed trends include digital twins, AI-powered 3D spaces, and virtual assistants.

Read more on Rooom

Increasing in-person visits with virtual museum tours

Museums and Libraries 1024x576 1

Museums globally are leveraging virtual tours to enhance visitor experiences, both online and on-site. In their blog our partner Thinglink writes that these virtual tours can substantially increase physical visits by breaking down geographical barriers and offering teaser experiences.

Case studies, such as those from the Highland Folk Museum in Scotland and the Orton Geological Museum in Cleveland, highlight the success of virtual tours in sparking interest and familiarity, ultimately driving in-person attendance.

Read more on Thinglink’s website

The collaboration between Vaisala and Stereoscape resulted in an illustrative 3D product video

3d product video screenshot

We are pleased to present our latest collaborative project with Vaisala — an illustrative and visually stunning 3D animation that effectively communicates the autocalibration feature of Vaisala’s Optimus™ OPT100 online DGA monitors in an understandable and engaging manner.

Tripadvisor planning to enter the metaverse with ‘Try Before You Buy’ approach

eiffel tower 3349075 1920 1536x1024 1

Tripadvisor has plans to release a metaverse experience this year, enabling users to virtually visit popular destinations such as Paris, Dubai, New York City, and Chicago before booking trips.

‘Traveling around the world, or traveling in your backyard, or traveling across the country, whatever it might be, is one of the most expensive things that you can purchase without actually trying it beforehand,’ says Adam Ochman, global director of marketing solutions for Tripadvisor.

Read more on Skift.

Top metaverse platforms you need to know in 2024

Copy of Hubs Cloud Blog

Immersive Learning News lists the top metaverse platforms you need to track in 2024. Mozilla Hubs, which Stereoscape used in building the Porvoo Virtual Art Gallery, is naturally included in the list. You can read more about the project here.

Read more about the platforms on Immersive Learning News.

[Interview] In Porvoo Virtual Art Gallery, you are allowed to play with art

Susann byran 2022 2

The Porvoo Virtual Art Gallery, a result of the collaborative project between the City of Porvoo, Porvoo Museum, and Stereoscape, was launched in December. In our latest interview, Susann Hartman, Manager of Culture Services for the city, explains why and how the virtual museum space was created.

Take a tour of the gallery here.

Return to this year’s Match XR with Stereoscape’s aftermovie

Stereoscape was prominently featured at Match XR this year. Before the actual event, we hosted a pre-event party where our guests had the opportunity to chat and have fun at our office. On top of that they got to enjoy a new Stereoscape drink spiced with AR effects. During the actual event, our booth visitors immersed themselves with our newest interactive 3D and XR demos.

Happy Holidays from Stereoscape!

immersive christmas 23

We at Stereoscape want to thank you for this year and also wish you Happy Holidays! Let’s make 2024 even more amazing.

[Video] Stereoscape tests the Meta Quest 3 headset

metaquest3 test 1

We tested the new Meta Quest 3 headset for the first time. Watch the video below to discover our impressions of the headset’s features and what it’s like to fend off space aliens threatening Stereoscape’s office.

The Finnish Metaverse ecosystem – The first in Europe to create a Metaverse Initiative

NFT Plazas Blog Post template 800 x 380px 94 2048x973 1

The Metaverse Initiative by the Finnish Metaverse ecosystem was launched as part of Match XR last week. The objective of the initiative is to play a key role in shaping the future of digital experiences and focus on ways to develop the Metaverse ethically and responsibly, which includes prioritizing privacy and user safety.

The initiative was created in close cooperation with over 400 members of the Finnish ecosystem, including Stereoscape.

Read more on Business Finland

Kiss becomes first US band to go virtual

kiss virtual

After their final performance at Madison Square Garden, the US rock band Kiss revealed digital avatars of the band members that will continue the band’s legacy after they have physically quit.

This new technology enables the band to perform without being physically present on stage. “Kiss could have a concert in three cities on the same night across three different continents. That’s what you could do with this,” says Per Sundin, CEO of Pophouse Entertainment.

Read more on ABC News

[Interview] The National Museum of Finland is now virtual

Sanna Valoranta-Saltikoff Kansallismuseo

The National Museum of Finland has closed its doors to visitors due to an annex and complete renovation project until the year 2027. Fortunately, those interested in experiencing the exhibitions can still visit them through a new 360-degree virtual tour built by Stereoscape.

In our latest interview, Museum Lecturer Sanna Valoranta-Saltikoff emphasizes that virtuality and new technologies are a significant part of The National Museum of Finland’s strategy.

Shanghai recognized as a leader in metaverse development

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Shanghai has achieved recognition as a top global metaverse city, particularly excelling in smart applications related to tourism, urban development, and medical services.

This acknowledgment was emphasized at the inaugural World Metaverse Developer Conference (WMDC2023), where the “2023 Metaverse City White Paper” was unveiled, predicting that the metaverse city industry will surpass 100 billion yuan (US$14 billion) by 2025. Several initiatives have been launched by Shanghai to boost its metaverse sector which includes a plan for nurturing metaverse enterprises and overcoming technological challenges.

Read more on Shine

How AR and VR are affecting the future of public speaking

how ar and vr are changing the game

The immersive tech such as AR and VR can be utilised in various ways to enhance people’s public speaking skills such as boosting confidence, speaking with passion and authenticity, and connecting with the audience.

Speakerhub has written a detailed guide on the relevant devices, apps, and use cases in public speaking training. The use cases include for example the use of AR visualizations to provide engaging presentation content to audiences and VR-based training environments.

Read more on Speakerhub

Stereoscapers at Teknologia 23

This week, the Teknologia 23 event at Messukeskus Helsinki has kept Stereoscapers busy but happy and excited. Many curious faces have visited our booth, and fruitful discussions have taken place. Various XR tech-based demos have been in constant use, allowing visitors to learn about the different use cases of this technology.

Kenneth Korhonen’s presentation at the Robot Stage, titled “Shaping the Future of the Connected Worker,” discussed the benefits of AR-based technology and received significant praise.

A new AI-assisted tool makes creating 3D presentations more accessible, simpler and faster

Announcing Jig Spark✨ 0 42 screenshot

Our partner, JigSpace, is introducing a groundbreaking feature called Spark, which empowers users to create engaging 3D presentations with the assistance of AI. Thanks to AI, the time required for creating 3D presentations is significantly reduced, making the process simpler.

The creator selects a CAD file, adds a product website link, and lets generative AI take care of the rest. Once generated, these presentations can be brought to life through augmented reality (AR). The feature is set to launch in 2024 to help anyone make the “hard to explain, hard to forget.”

Read more on JigSpace

A new virtual tour of the White House with audio captions

07 11 2023 10 21 54 am 3923430

The White House, in collaboration with Google Maps and Google Arts & Culture, has introduced a new virtual tour of the White House that can be explored on a computer or smartphone. First Lady Jill Biden aims to make the White House accessible to a broader audience, particularly for educational purposes.

The virtual tour features audio captions for people with disabilities and includes Spanish translations. It also showcases official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama, creating a unique and inclusive experience.

Read more on the Associated Press

Stereoscape at Teknologia 23 event

teknologia 23 tapahtuma banner

Stereoscape is prominently featured at the Teknologia 2023 event. In his presentation at the Robot Stage, titled ‘Shaping the Future of the Connected Worker,’ Kenneth Korhonen explains how AR-based tools generate added value in the industry. The presentation is scheduled for November 8th from 2:00 to 2:30 PM. You are also welcome to visit our booth to test our industrial AR demos and explore our latest virtual solutions. Our booth is located in the section 6k98. You can register here.

A new effective tool for easier management of VR/AR devices

Command Your Fleet of XR Devices 0 39 screenshot

Are you in search of a more streamlined management system for your multiple XR devices? Look no further. Stereoscape’s new partner, ArborXR, offers a variety of valuable functions for efficiently controlling your devices. These remote functions include easy content sharing, status verification, user guidance, usage monitoring, the ability to view what users see on their headsets, and much more.

The FCC has agreed to open a band of spectrum with the aim of facilitating the adoption of immersive tech wearables

3d rainbow coloured flowing particle waves

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to open the 6 GHz band, with expectations that it will ‘spur an ecosystem of cutting-edge applications.’ These applications include wearable technologies that could benefit businesses in various ways.

Prominent brands, such as Apple, Broadcom, Meta, and Google, have all supported the FCC’s decision. According to Meta, this development will enhance the functionality of future generations of devices, even when the wearer is outside their home and far from the nearest Wi-Fi connection.

Read more on CNBC

Lindström’s new virtual world makes you think about responsibility in textile choices

The collaborative project between Lindström and Stereoscape has resulted in an immersive and interactive virtual world called Dream Room. As a pioneering company, Lindström is now able to communicate the sustainability of the textile industry and the impact of textile choices on the environment in new, thought-provoking, and inspiring ways that were not possible before.

[Blog] It is an exaggeration to say that the metaverse is dead

Metaversumi ulottuvuus hyppy

Did the metaverse die before it could even take off, as various media outlets have stated in recent months? In our latest blog post, Stereoscape’s Frans Enala explains why such perspectives are one-sided and why we must understand the concept of the metaverse in a broader context, rather than simply focusing on the consumer metaverse.

A complete guide for Metaverse as a Service (MaaS)

What Metaverse Service MaaS

Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) is an emerging concept that leverages the popular “as a service” model to streamline the creation, hosting, and control of metaverse environments and experiences for companies.

MaaS paves the way for easier adoption of various metaverse-related technologies, allowing companies to streamline the process of creating their own metaverse ecosystems, such as marketplaces or learning environments.

Read more on XR Today

10-step guide for creating a trade show stand that definitely stands out

messustandi 1

An important trade show is approaching. What would be the best way to make your company stand out? We’ve written a detailed 10-step guide about what you need to consider to truly make an impact in the booth area by harnessing the power of virtual technology.

Ensuring user-friendliness for the Metaverse

csm nutzerfuhrung metaverse Blogformat 5a422c4391

Anyone can create Metaverse content with web-based 3D platforms. But in order for your metaverse projects to become successful they need to be user-friendly. Our partner Rooom shares tips that help you understand the fundamentals of successfully designing virtual showrooms, brand experiences, meeting spaces and more.

Read more on Rooom

An art exhibition about sustainable development featuring interactive digital media

Screen Shot 2023 09 23 at 1.14.50 PM

Georgia Tech is hosting an art exhibition titled “Extension of Community: What it Means To Be Sustainable in a Digital World.” The exhibit, which opened last month, explores the intersection of sustainability and art in today’s technology-driven world. It aims to highlight environmental issues and inspire action on climate change. Artists utilized solar panels, interactive digital media, geolocation, AI image generation tools, plastics, plants, biosensors and geospatial data visualization as building blocks for the interactive exhibit.

Read more on Saporta Report

The ultimate 3D platform for offering Aha! moments to clients

jigspace ar tool

It’s not always a walk in the park to communicate the benefits of your products or services to your clients. PowerPoint slides or videos usually don’t allow your clients to dive deeper into your product’s technical properties or uncover what lies beneath the surface.

Our partner, JigSpace’s award winning 3D presentation platform offers a wide variety of features that let you tell the story of your product visually, interactively, and memorably! In a step-by-step manner, your target audience can explore your product in 3D; zoom, rotate, and access new information about specific details.

4 positive ways the metaverse can impact your business


Forbes lists four examples of how organisations can benefit from the Metaverse, the next evolution of the internet. Various interactive and immersive technologies, such as 3D, AR, and VR and their integrations to different systems, play a significant role in both current and future business operations, spanning from marketing activities to HR processes.

Read more on Forbes

Retail AR experiences powered by Google and Adobe

RPR Geospatial PaperTree Storyboard Desktop

Rock Paper Reality (RPR) utilizes Google’s Geospatial Creator and Adobe Aero to bring a location-based AR customer experience to Paper Tree, a San Francisco-based origami shop. Through QR codes, the customer can explore origami in augmented reality.

“It gets the viewer up close, where they can see incredible detail. The 3D animation of the Peace Sphere literally brings the Origami to life, enhancing its design.” says Linda Mihara, Manager and part-owner of Paper Tree.

By creating in-store AR experiences marketing or brand teams don’t need to spend that much money on physical assets and transportation of advertising items.

Read more on XR Today

Stereoscape’s Kenneth Korhonen talked about the role of XR in green transformation at MPD 2023

Manufacturing Performance Days 2023 Digitalisation for Green Transformation 20 59 screenshot

Stereoscape was well represented at the Manufacturing Performance Days event in Tampere on June 5-7 2023. In addition to showcasing different AR-solutions at the joint stand with our partner TeamViewer, Stereoscape’s Director for Industrial XR Solutions Kenneth Korhonen also participated in the panel discussion “Digitalisation for Green Transformation” where he talked about how XR solutions support the green transformation.

Stereoscape’s partner JigSpace featured in the Apple Vision Pro announcement

648138d48e41f40e2097120a JigApp F1 Screen 02

Our partner JigSpace, known for their 3D design platform by the same name, was featured in the Apple Vision Pro announcement. The announcement broadcast showcased JigSpace’s collaboration with Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake.

Read more on JigSpace.

We wish everyone a good summer! 🌞

The whole Stereoscape team wishes you all a very sunny and relaxing summer. Our bi-weekly newsletters will have a summer break but you can follow our LinkedIn page, where we will share interesting stories about virtual solutions throughout the whole summer.

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[Interview] Dell engages customers with Stereoscape’s interactive content at MWC 2023

Dell using multitaction table at mwc barcelona

In our newest blog Stereoscape’s Creative Strategist Janne Itäpiiri shares his experiences from Stereoscape’s recent collaboration with Dell and MultiTaction to create eye-catching content for the Barcelona Mobile World Congress.

The biggest closing ceremony of Finnish schools was held in the metaverse

Roblox metaverse closing ceremony marketplace

Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE organised the biggest closing ceremony of Finnish schools at metaverse platform Roblox on 3 June 12-17 pm. The event was titled “Päättärit x Yle Summeri & YleX” and featured a different program every hour. The main centre point of the event was the marketplace (“Tori”) where participants of the ceremony could hang out, play, take selfies with celebrities and attend gigs of Finnish artists. A new version of the summer hymn Suvivirsi was performed by Yle Summer host Elo.

Read more on YLE.

Findings from TCS Futurists: Digital twins will become commonplace across business and society by 2035


Based on a study conducted in the Delphi Technique, TCS Futurists have prepared The Digital Twindex which illustrates the reasons behind exponential adoption and interest of digital twins today.

Respondents in the study see that healthcare (52%), mobility (52%) and retail (47%) industries will be the fastest adopters of digital twins. Connected, real-time healthcare and efficient energy management are perceived to be use cases that will most benefit human lives.

Read more on TCS.

The new 3D animation for Outokumpu shows how Oil and Gas industry benefits from stainless steel

Outokumpu and Stereoscape continue their fruitful collaboration by creating an informative and visually stunning 3D animation showing how oil and gas companies benefit from using stainless steel.

7 ideas for a successful trade show marketing strategy shared by JigSpace

Using jigspace 3d ar tool at tradeshow

In their blog 3D design platform developer JigSpace shares 7 tips for making trade shows successful. The blog explains, among other things, how an automation company Automata has benefitted from using immersive 3D presentations which enabled more engaging presentations and reduced costs of product transporting.

Read more on JigSpace.

Metaverse used by Space Force to predict effects of spaceport congestion

spaceforce metaverse

The US Space Force has made simulations of space launch operations by replicating them in a digital 3D reality, which in recent years has often been referred to as the metaverse.

By using the technology Space Launch Delta 45 attempts to tackle the challenges of growing spaceport congestion and increased launch rates.

“So we launched a rocket and we were able to tell geospatially what was within that domain and within that area, taking in direct sensor feeds”, explains Jennifer Arnold, head of NVIDIA’s federal business.

NVIDIA’s Omniverse collaboration platform was one of the platforms used to merge the real-world telemetry data from rockets and Maxar’s satellite imagery data.

Read more on Spacenews.

[Interview] Why did Tamro create a virtual tour with Stereoscape?

Why would a pharmaceutical operator need a virtual tour of its activities? In our newest blog Tamro’s events producer Saana Lehmussaari shares the vision for and insights from the creation of a virtual tour of its Tampere site.

Europa Experience, an interactive exhibition enables its visitors to discover how the European Union works

754413 europa experience un lieu d exposition gratuit et immersif sur l union europeenne a paris

The European Union offers its Paris visitors an interactive and immersive exhibition where they can see how the European Union works and how they can shape its future.

The exhibition features a 1500 m2 multimedia space on three floors including an immersive 360 film, multiple multimedia stations, an augmented reality space and a role-play game area where participants can step into the shoes of an MEP.

Read more on the European parliament website.

2.4% of US GDP could be contributed by Metaverse by 2035, study shows

KENYA ELECTION FACEBOOK 0 1659093756514 1659093756514 1659951458570 1659951458570

A new study by Facebook owner Meta Platforms claims that the metaverse could contribute $760 billion or about 2.4% to U.S. annual gross domestic product (GDP) by 2035. Defense, medical and manufacturing sectors as well as entertainment use cases could be the major factors providing economic gains according to the study.

Read more on Reuters.

Finnish research shows that VR training has positive impacts on promoting safety culture

SLIVeR hanke

Preliminary research results obtained in SLIVeR (Safety Learning in Immersive Virtual Reality) research project show that training in virtual reality positively impacts attitudes of improving workplace safety. The experiment utilised Virtuario’s VR learning environments.

These learning results were reported instantly after the experiment:

  • The motivation to improve workplace safety increased
  • Ability to observe workplace hazards became stronger
  • Benefits of doing hazard spotting were seen more clearly after the training session
  • A sense of control to promote safety behaviour was reported only among those trainees who used a VR learning environment with a high level of interactivity

It was also reported that participants using the VR training environment with a high level of interactivity were more self-imposed to promote workplace safety compared to those using an environment with low level of interactive during a two-month reference period.

These research results are preliminary and haven’t been peer reviewed yet. Stereoscape is part of the SLIVeR project as a funder.

The first-ever Metaverse Beauty Week to be held this summer

illustration pink

Beauty brands are showcasing themselves at Roblox, Decentraland and Spatial at a five-day festival during June 12-16. The festival carrying the tagline “Reality Gets a Makeover,” is designed by creative agency Cult. The attendants can expect different kinds of activities such as treasure hunts, try-ons and NFT wearables.

“We want consumers to experience beauty in a way like never before. “The premise of our messaging is that it’s time for beauty to have a reset”, says Daisy Haywood, creative brand manager at Cult.

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New AR Features for businesses and events revealed by Snap

Snap Live Nation AR Map Hero 1240x698.png

Snap has revealed that there will be new augmented reality features coming to AR Enterprise Services (ARES) technology suite and Snapchat.

New additions to ARES are AR mirrors which enable businesses to offer AR experiences at their physical stores and events allowing customers to virtually try on products and find more information about them.

Snapchat, on the other hand, will feature AR Compass and 3D map features for festival attendees for easier navigation. Number of venues and tours will also allow attendees to see AR content through Snapchat’s camera making it possible to interact with the on-stage visuals.

Read more on Adweek

Stereoscape at Murros 2023 and SolverX

stereoscape murros solverx

Next week Stereoscape is participating in two tech events. Murros 2023, taking place on April 18 in Kerava’s Keuda-talo, focuses on utilisation of new technologies in vocational education and training. Make sure to pay a visit to Stereoscape’s stand to test the newest virtual training solutions. You can also watch the event live on YouTube or attend it remotely via Keuda Metaverse.

Check out the program here.

You can also meet Stereoscape’s experts in SolverX taking place in Wanha Satama, Helsinki on April 19-20. SolverX is a tech event where companies present their ideas or challenges on stage. After the pitch, they can find a suitable partner from the audience for their business challenges. Stereoscape’s experts Toni and Tomi are available to discuss the versatile use cases of virtual technologies.

Read more on SolverX website.

Visitors of Swiss Museum of Transport can experience cliff diving with Varjo headset

redbull varjoheadset

Visitors of the Swiss Museum of Transport can take part in a cliff diving experience in mixed reality with the Varjo XR-3 headset. The experience is part of the “Water – Breaking the Surface” exhibition enabling people to step into the shoes of Red Bull athletes. The Red Bull Cliff Diving experience is considered a highlight of the experience taking place on a 27-meter-high cliff in Sisikon. The exhibition will be open daily all year round.

Read the Varjo case study to learn more.

7 metaverse related events to attend in 2023

The Top Metaverse Events Worth Attending in 2023

XRToday has listed their top 7 metaverse-themed events taking place around the world this year. The events are a great way for different companies, especially those which are at an early stage of metaverse adoption, to learn about the potential of metaverse for their business. Traditionally the majority of these kinds of events have enabled participants to attend them remotely as well.

Read more on XRToday.

Latest industrial metaverse trends – Kenneth Korhonen’s trip to TeamViewer EMEA Partner Summit

Kenenth and will at manchester city game

Stereoscape’s industrial solutions expert Kenneth Korhonen travelled to TeamViewer EMEA Partner Summit 2023 in February. On his trip to Manchester, Kenneth discussed the latest industrial metaverse trends with various experts and got new and interesting insights about the topic, which he now shares with us on Stereoscape’s newest blog.

Tommy Hilfiger opens up a multi-metaverse hub

tommy hilfiger metaverse

Tommy Hilfiger opens a space within Decentraland with connections to other popular metaverse platforms such as Roblox, Spatial, DressX and Ready Player Me.

The hub, designed by virtual retail tech developer Emperia, will include different kinds of in-hub offerings and content, for example digital fashion, artwork from artist Vinnie Hager, AR virtual try-on offerings, an AI fashion creation competition and a photobooth. Through the hub Empiria can also track user activity of how the visitors interact with different metaverse offerings.

“Tommy Hilfiger has always been a brand that brings people together through fashion, art, music and entertainment. Today, Web3 and metaverse platforms are supercharging the brand’s ability to do that at an exciting scale”, comments Martijn Hagman, CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe.

Read more on Vogue Business

Metaverse fundraiser launched by Comic Relief

metaverse fundraiser

Comic Relief US has launched the “Solarpunk Simulator” virtual experience on Roblox serving as a fundraiser for real-life programs battling poverty in America.

In the fundraiser, the teams on Roblox collect parts of a spaceship together. The team with most parts wins and will be awarded an access to a special concert by social media sensation BoyWithUke on 7th April.

“Children and young people have a deeper understanding [than adults] that they have the power to make change,” says Alison Moore, CEO of Comic Relief US.
Read more on AP News

VR training platform for laboratory technology students of Stadin AO

VR training hazards and user

We are happy to present one of our latest projects: Stadilab, VR training platform for laboratory technology students of Stadin AO.

“In the VR training environment students can safely learn about challenging and dangerous laboratory practices”, says Johanna Hemminki, Expert in Digital Pedagogy, City of Helsinki, Stadin AO.

The virtual environment was created with Simlab which allows fast content-creation thanks to its node-based programming.

Stereoscape partners with Rooom, a tech startup specialising in enterprise metaverse

ROOOM stereoscape metaverse news

We are happy to announce that Stereoscape is now an official partner of Rooom, an award winning tech startup specialising in enterprise metaverse and offering a web-based all-in-one platform for virtual experiences.

With our collaboration, we now extend our offering with top quality metaverse products enabling our clients to build stunning showrooms,  showcase products in 3D, host or complement events and make all the organization facilities more accessible with 360 tours. All this and even more in one platform!

Read more about Rooom.

Top retailers enter the metaverse

walmart metaverse

Top retailers such as Walmart, H&M and Taco Bell are leveraging the immersive technology to provide their clients with new ways to connect with the brand.

Walmart’s new metaverse experiences on the Roblox platform enable users to access fashion, style, beauty, and entertainment items as well as participate in interactive piano experiences, dance challenges, trivia and a motion-capture concert.

Taco Bell, on the other hand, has launched a wedding-themed contest in their Las Vegas Wedding Chapel on Decentraland. Out of over 300 couples who have applied to the contest, Sheel Mohnot and Amruta Godbole have said “I do” on February 24.

Read more on RIS.

Stereoscape at Koulutusjohdon foorumi, an event dedicated to learning in metaverse


Koulutusjohdon foorumi event was held on 15th of February at Helsinki XR Center. The theme of the event was learning in metaverse, more specifically VR and AR based learning solutions. Koulutusjohdon foorumi featured keynote presentations by learning experts as well as an area enabling visitors to try different solutions in practice. The event was targeted to rectors, teachers and other forward looking experts such as entrepreneurs offering training services.

The event also enabled the visitors to try different virtual learning solutions such as VR training and AR assisted instructions. At Stereoscape’s booth our experts Iiro, Toni, Sanni and Krista showcased our demos. The demos included for example a virtual farm which teaches safe working methods and a lab environment where trainees learn different laboratory related safety, chemical and equipment practices.

World’s Smallest VR Headset announced by Bigscreen

Introducing Bigscreen Beyond the worlds smallest VR headset 1 24 screenshot

Virtual reality startup Bigscreen announced that the world’s smallest headset, the Bigscreen Beyond, will be released in the third quarter in 2023. The headset is six times lighter than the rival headsets featuring also bespoke face guards and shapes enabling users to improve comfort over long periods of use. The kit can be preordered for $999.

“As passionate VR enthusiasts, we built the VR headset we wanted for ourselves. Today’s leading VR headsets have doubled in weight compared to headsets from 2016. We built Beyond because we felt VR was too heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable”, says Darshan Shankar, Bigscreen Founder and Chief Executive about the coming headset.

Read more on XR Today

“What could CEOs do now?” – McKinsey’s guide about the metaverse released


In a recently released article, McKinsey explains why attitudes towards metaverse should be optimistic and what kind of factors suggest that the metaverse is truly a CEO issue. Metaverse related obstacles are also discussed. In the end of the article writers also share their three steps suggesting what CEO’s should do now –  why, what and how.

Read more on McKinsey

[Interview] Stereoscape’s Kenneth Korhonen and the benefits of AR tools for industrial companies

kenneth korhonen ar tools industrial interview 1

In our newest video blog Stereoscape’s Director of Industrial XR Solutions Kenneth Korhonen tells about why industrial companies should be excited about AR tools and what value they bring to their business.

Rhythm City, Warner Music Group’s social music metaverse has opened

WMG The Sandbox

Warner Music Group announced on Monday 31st January that their social music metaverse has been opened. Created in collaboration with Gamefan, the virtual world aim’s to introduce people to different artists via the social roleplay platform. Oana Ruxandra, WMG’s Chief Digital Officer and Executive Vice President of Business Development emphasises the importance of boosting engagement between artists and fans, and this can be achieved in metaverse.The platform is developed on Roblox.

Read more on XR Today

Footage of a realistic virtual diving experience demonstrates the power of immersive VR

Khena B Tauchspiel Unreal Engine 4 860x484 1

A solo VR developer “Khena B” is working on a virtual reality diving game enabling players to explore underwater world. Recently released footage of the yet unnamed title planned for PC VR demonstrates how immersive VR can provide more and more realistic simulations of real world experiences. Virtual hands create believable waves on the water surface. In the underwater players can experience realistic floating particles and detailed physics, for example while handling stones.

Read more on Mixed

10 inspiring tips for marketers to seize new digital opportunities in 2023

Banner with a person and virtual island

In our newest blog Stereoscape’s Immersive Marketing expert Sales Manager Olli Kettunen shares his New Year’s tips for staying proactive and keeping a positive attitude to boost business and create new opportunities.

AR Lunar New Year Campaign launched by McDonald’s

McDonaldsAR 1 scaled 1

McDonald’s has partnered with content creator Karen X Cheng in a campaign focusing on AR and metaverse themes to celebrate Lunar New Year. The campaign’s aim is to engage McDonald’s audience to participate in important global celebrations. Cheng is known for her very popular YouTube videos including a dance video for the metaverse.

Read more on VRScout

Metaverse Seoul launched

Seoul Metropolitan Government Launches Public Metaverse

South Korea’s Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that its Metaverse platform is now open. In Metaverse Seoul users can access different public services and resources in VR. The platform features access to famous attractions, possibility to read official documents, file complaints, and talking to officials.

Read more on XRToday

Immersive Holidays from Stereoscape!

Happy holidays 2022 vr immersive

The whole Stereoscape team wants to thank all the clients and partners for great collaboration this year. We also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2023 even more awesome.

Presentations that will make you forget Powerpoint

f secure twin head

Back in 2019 Stereoscape created an interactive presentation for F-Secure. More than just a traditional PP presentation, the solution communicates F-Secure’s wide product portfolio in a visually appealing way with an interactive touch. We are working on several similar presentations at the moment, which we will share at the beginning of next year.

Why Everyone’s Talking About ChatGPT?


ChatGPT has impressed experts with its writing ability, proficiency at complex tasks and ease of use. The tool lets you type questions using natural language that the chatbot answers in conversational language. The bot remembers the thread of your dialog, using previous questions and answers to inform its next responses.

It is the latest evolution of the GPT – or Generative Pre-Trained Transformer – family of text-generating AIs.

Read more on Guardian

“Metaverse” grabs second place as “Word of the year”


Oxford Dictionaries recently announced that “goblin mode” has been selected as its word of the year. For the first time this year’s winning phrase was chosen by public vote, from among three finalists selected by Oxford Languages lexicographers: goblin mode, metaverse and the hashtag IStandWith.

Metaverse lost to goblin mode, which went viral in February. According to Oxford’s research, usage of the term metaverse “increased almost fourfold from the previous year in the Oxford Corpus,” driven in part by Facebook’s rebranding to Meta in October 2021. In the video pitch for “metaverse” released in November, Oxford noted that the term dated back to the science fiction novel Snow Crash by Neil Stephenson, released in 1992.

Read more on Metaverse Insider

Serlachius virtual art gallery by Stereoscape

virtual art gallery

Art workshops and museum tours in a virtual art gallery? In our blog Stereoscape’s experience designer Sannimari Honkanen talks about creating a virtual art gallery where participants can experience the museum space and look at and discuss art works together.

Hyper-realistic Biggie in VR Concert Next Month

biggie news

In honour of The Notorious B.I.G.’s 50th birthday, Meta is hosting a VR concert experience next month that aims to bring together a host of musical guests alongside a realistic avatar of the Brooklyn-born rapper, who left this mortal coil back in 1997. The digital event, dubbed “Sky’s the Limit”, will premiere exclusively on Meta’s Horizon Worlds VR platform as well as Facebook on December 16.

Read more on NME

Immersive VR film let’s you train like an astronaut

Available now via the Meta Quest TV app, Supersonic Flight – Space Explorers: Special Feature puts you in the cockpit of a T-38 supersonic jet, the same aircraft used by NASA to train astronauts for spaceflight. The film makes excellent use of 360-degree camera technology to immerse you in a one-of-a-kind experience that would normally be out of reach for the general public.

Read more on VR Scout

VR tour of Outokumpu steel mill

hot rolling virtual 360 vr tour

We are happy to present one of our latest projects: a 360º video for Outokumpu. Stereoscape created a virtual reality tour of a steel mill, where visitors get a feeling of being inside the mill, moving along with the hot metal. Read more and watch the immersive video on our website.

BeatSaber + The Weeknd

the weeknd and beatsaber ad

Meta’s VR rhythm game Beat Saber has received a new song pack featuring the music of Canadian singer-songwriter The Weeknd. Popular block-slashing rhythm game Beat Saber, which was originally released in 2018, is still one of the best gaming experiences for VR headsets. The release of The Weeknd’s music pack continues a steady trend of high-profile music coming to Beat Saber, including packs from Lizzo, Skrillex, BTS, Green Day, Timbaland, Linkin Park, and Imagine Dragons.

Read more on Road to VR

Meta sold 471000 Quest 2s in Q3

Gear Best Games Meta Quest 2 1

Meta has sold 471000 Quest 2s in Q3. This means Meta has passed the 10-million milestone of in-market VR devices, which has been a key goal for Meta to stimulate VR’s flywheel effect. According to Mark Zuckerberg, that’s the critical mass to jumpstart an ecosystem. But this milestone is overshadowed by Meta Reality Lab’s Q3 revenue declines, for which there are several reasons. One is macroeconomics and consumer spending. Discretionary spending is down and VR is certainly in that boat. Meanwhile, Meta continues to build for the long haul. MRL net losses are projected to widen in 2023, but the more important part is that it’s using today’s dollars to build tomorrow’s business. 

Read more on Medium

New website now live

new website stereoscape vr

We are happy to announce that the new Stereoscape website is now live. Long in the making, we are hoping that this update will provide a more client centric, visually interesting and clear experience for our current and future website visitors. We want to ensure the communication of our product portfolio – immersive marketing, experiential learning and connected working – is top quality. You are more than welcome to get familiar with our new website and send us feedback about your experience.

Stereoscape chosen as a partner for City of Porvoo’s virtual museum

virtual art gallery
A virtual art gallery Stereoscape made for Serlachius Museums earlier this year.

The City of Porvoo organised a pitch in order to find a trusted partner for creating and implementing a virtual museum for Porvoo. Among the six contenders, Stereoscape was the one chosen for the job.

Stereoscape’s role is to build an interface, which will enable the city and museum staff to change and update the exhibitions, artworks and their descriptions. The future virtual museum visitors can access the virtual space via desktop.

Read more, in Finnish only.

Immerse Global Summit brings industry leaders to Madeira

immerse global summit madeira

Over 100 leading companies connected to immersive technologies and their business application attended last week’s Immerse Global Summit on Madeira. The speakers included companies from Nokia to Balenciaga, Accenture to Armani, and Forbes to Deutsche Telekom. Stereoscape team made picks of the keynotes and discussions. 

One of the hot topics was the rise of the enterprise metaverse solutions. This is something that Stereoscape CEO Heli Nelimarkka believes will be one of the main trends in coming years. “The future of metaverse for corporations is creating their own 3D virtual showroom on one of the existing platforms and start building their metaverse existence from that. It will be a gradual process, not something that happens overnight. We are talking evolution, not revolution”

Stereoscape is already working on several platforms that are suitable for corporate metaverse needs and will happily assist you in creating your own enterprise metaverse home. If you want to discuss our enterprise metaverse solutions or just want to know more, you can contact us here.

Picture 3
Apple CEO Tim Cook. Image: Getty Images

Apple CEO Tim Cook on his European tour last week predicted augmented reality (AR) technology will have a profound impact on our lives in the near future. Apple are currently developing their own VR and AR headsets, due for release in 2023.

Read more on MacRumours

Meta live streams conference on 11 October


Meta Connect has released the schedule for its annual one-day digital conference that explores the future of virtual and augmented reality and the building of metaverse. Featuring a keynote from Mark Zuckerberg, you can tune into the conference in traditional 2D or in VR mode through Meta Quest 2.

Read more

Finnish music video among first in the world to be created with artificial intelligence

A still from “Endless”, a music video for Sin Cos Tan

Finnish band Sin Cos Tan last week released Endless, one of the world’s first music videos created by artificial intelligence (AI). Director Juho Lähdesmäki believes AI tools will change the creative sector permanently.

Read More on Pledge Times

VR game Bonelab released today

BonelabReleaseTrailer 2
A still from the much-anticipated Bonelab VR adventure game

Los Angeles-based developers Stress Level Zero today launch their highly-anticipated VR game Bonelab, following up from 2019’s popular Boneworks. The trailer promises an immersive dystopian experience with realistic tools and weapons. The game is available on Meta Quest 2 and PC VR headsets via Steam.

Read more on VR Scout

Scientists predict resolution revolution for VR displays 

eye closeup pupil iris rainbow 1 696x392 1
Human eye resolution for VR?

Today’s virtual reality headsets are still somewhat clunky to wear and lacking in resolution, acting as a stumbling block on the way of wider acceptance of VR in the mass market. Scientists believe improved resolution and wearability can be achieved in the near future with innovations in optics and micro-displays.

Read more on Science

Chinese headset eyes European and Asian markets

03 Headset Lasers 640x360 1
The brand new Pico 4 headset was announced in Berlin this week

Chinese headset manufacturer Pico is releasing a new light-weight and technically improved VR headset to the consumer markets. TikTok-owner ByteDance is behind the company that is set to compete directly with the established Quest 2 headset in Europe and Asia. Available for pre-order at relatively affordable €429, the headsets start shipping on October 18th.

Read more on Road to VR

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Susann Hartman porvoon kaupunki

Porvoon virtuaalitaidemuseossa taiteella saa leikitellä

Porvoon kaupunki on yhteistyössä Stereoscapen kanssa toteuttanut virtuaalisen taidemuseon, joka lanseerattiin joulukuussa 2023. Virtuaalimuseossa sekä porvoolaiset että matkailijat pääsevät tutustumaan paikallisiin taideaarteisiin. Kulttuuripalvelujen päällikkö Susann

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meta quest 3 headset

Ensitestissä Meta Quest 3 -virtuaalilasit

Uudet Meta Quest 3 -virtuaalilasit saapuivat Stereoscapen toimistolle ensitestiin. Videolla laseja kokeileva Frans kertoo mietteensä headsetin ominaisuuksista (mm. handtracking, näytön tarkkuus, ohjaimet, ulkonäkö) ja testaa,

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