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Our scalable operating model is based on an international network of technology and production partners.
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ClassVRVirtual Reality in education can help gain a deeper understanding of the world around and ignite imagination. Your learners will be engaged and inspired by breath-taking scenes from around the world, gaining an understanding of best work practices and learning from immersive experiences. ClassVR brings affordable, innovative Virtual Reality (VR) to the classroom. It comes complete with hardware, software and curriculum-linked activities and lesson plans, equipping trainers with everything they need to introduce this cutting edge technology straight into the classroom or training event. Complete with integrated headsets and inbuilt camera, a robust charging and storage unit, training controls for trainers and customised VR and AR activities with structured curriculum-aligned lesson plans, ClassVR is revolutionising engagement in professional training.


ThingLink is a provider of a cloud-based education technology platform intended to help in creating and distributing interactive images for blogs, web pages, social channels, and advertising. The company’s platform offers an online interactive identification tool that makes clickable tags on images on the web and helps to share the tagged images on social networks, enabling clients to create memorable interactive digital experiences and attract customers. Together with the ClassVR technologies ThingLink is used to create engaging educational experiences that drive learning and knowledge retention at scale.

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Realwearin AR headwear is fully voice-controlled and engineered for demanding industrial use. The HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 headsets have an adjustable boom that houses a microdisplay, emulating a 7 inch tablet screen. The high-resolution display sits just below the user’s line of sight, and it can be moved out of the way when not in use. Advanced voice recognition and noise cancellation allow users to give commands by speaking in a normal voice even in industrial environments with up to 95 db noise levels. The headset can be worn with corrective eyewear or safety glasses and conveniently clips onto a hard hat.