Experience information

The Smart XR partner for forward-looking companies

Experience information

The Smart XR partner for forward-looking companies

New tools for immersive learning and training


New PROSCAPE solutions

Stereoscape’s new Proscape product family drive effective onboarding, safety training and other learning experiences powered by interactive 3D and extended reality (AR/MR/VR). Real-time interaction, multi-user experiences in shared virtual environments, and bite-sized content are just some of the features we offer to support active, experiential and self-paced learning.
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Virtuaalitodellisuus tehostaa työturvallisuuskoulutusta


Virtuaalitodellisuus tehostaa työturvallisuuskoulutusta

Stereoscapen haastattelussa Karoliina Leisti kertoo virtuaalitodellisuuden hyödyistä yritysten turvallisuuskoulutuksesta.
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We help people work smarter, learn faster and engage deeper with your message.

Whether you are supporting your remote workers, training your staff or presenting your products to prospective customers, our interactive 3D and extended reality (XR) solutions inspire people and help make complex information more understandable. We design and build AR applications, VR training solutions, interactive product experiences, virtual showrooms and more.

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