JigSpace is a 3D knowledge-sharing platform – and the easiest way to visualise and present your ideas, products and processes in interactive 3D and augmented reality.

You can bring your products to life with ‘playable’ animations, special effects, exploded views and interactive labels, and create stunning AR presentations in minutes.

You can create step-by-step 3D presentations, add audio and text instructions, and then embed your presentations in your website or share them using a shareable link or QR code.

JigSpace is Stereoscape’s technology partner. The software and services are available from Stereoscape.

Main features

Universal AR – Viewing Jigs in AR doesn’t require an app. Your Jigs are universally available across all devices.

Step-by-step product stories – Take viewers on a step-by-step product or process tour. Highlight key information and reveal inner workings of complex designs using animated exploded views.

Sharing and embedding – Securely share your Jigs via QR code or hyperlink, or embed them into your online systems for anywhere, anytime access.

Collaboration – Save your enriched 3D objects to the JigSpace Team objects library, where they can be reused by you and your team.

CAD compatibility – Turn your CAD files into dynamic 3D and AR presentations and guides. JigSpace supports all major CAD file types.

Key benefits

JigSpace Product WorkshopToAR JetEngine e1678181142964
  • Share technical information with a non-technical audience in a visual language anyone can understand.

  • Build rich and impactful 3D visualisations in CAD-level detail within just hours.

  • Take viewers on a highly informative product or process tour – step by step – and provide easy-to-understand guides and instructions.

  • Allow viewers to explore your designs in immersive AR and control their own experience via interactivity.

  • Use the code-free, drag-and-drop platform to easily build and maintain 3D assets in-house – no specialist knowledge required.

Use cases

JigSpace Product Workshop Pump e1678182544708
Training and education

Interactive 3D step-by-step guides and immersive AR that speed up learning.

Embed directly into most major e-learning and LMS software.

JigSpace Augmented Reality Engineering 02
Marketing and sales

Rich, impactful 3D and AR product demos that engage and educate customers and make complex product information easier to understand.

JigSpace Augmented Reality AssemblyInstructions 01
Design and prototyping

Use AR prototyping as an affordable, scalable alternative to traditional prototyping. 

Simulate product designs at scale using AR.

JigSpace Augmented Reality AssemblyInstructions 02
Remote collaboration

Enable teams throughout your organisation to view 3D content in real-time from anywhere, even if they don’t have access to CAD software.

JigSpace workflow

Import CAD and media files

Import your own CAD files created in SolidWorks®, Fusion 360™️, Inventor️, Creo, Blender, Shapr3d, and more. Access hundreds of JigSpace preloaded 3D objects, shapes, and effects. Import media files like 2D images or videos.

Bring your design to life

Customise your model and make it more realistic by adding colour, material or textures. Add movement to your Jig through rotation or make your model spin. Add visual effects, like liquid flows or light, using a free effects library.

Add steps to a timeline

Create as many steps as it takes to demo your product or present your concept and add the steps to a timeline. Use text boxes for titles, annotations and info panels – or to highlight important points or call-outs in the step-by-step presentation.

Add text and audio instructions

Add text instructions or record or import audio instructions to your steps. Add music or sound effects to reinforce written instructions or to add ambient sound and atmosphere to your presentation. You can also embed website links in your Jig. 

Brand and share your Jig

You can customise the branding and colour of your JigSpace. A number of options are available for sharing: use a shareable link, embed your Jig in a website, invite individual users or teams to view private or share using scannable QR codes.

Viewing Jigs

There are several ways to view 3D presentations from JigSpace – on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices, using JigSpace native apps and WebAR viewer. AR mode allows viewers to interact with the Jig within the real world around them.

Scan the QR codes and see for yourself! If you wish to learn more start a 7-day free trial.
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