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With ten years of experience in XR and its applications, Stereoscape knows what it takes to make the best possible use of XR technologies.

Extended reality technologies drive real business improvements

Extended reality (XR) is an umbrella term for AR, VR and MR – and everything in between. XR drives real business improvements by enabling new ways to show visual content, communicate digital information and create immersive, interactive experiences. 

The different types of extended reality create different business opportunities, but they are powered by the same underlying technologies, like immersive 3D graphics. The same technologies are also shaping the evolving metaverse and Web 3.0. 

Enterprise and industrial metaverses are already here

Beyond the hype surrounding the consumer metaverse, the enterprise and industrial metaverses are already here and creating significant benefits across the business value chain from marketing and training to field service. 

The metaverses’ business applications drive richer customer experiences, more effective training and streamlined work processes – and help you do more with less to benefit both the environment and the bottom line.

Now is the right time to start exploring what the enterprise and industrial metaverses can offer. We are ready to help.

Book a three-hour training session for your next development day

Looking for ideas for your company’s next staff or development day? Stereoscape offers 3D technology training sessions that inspire and provide useful learning experiences.

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XR and metaverse consulting with a hands-on approach

Our consulting approach is pragmatic and collaborative. We work with you to identify functions, processes and activities that are ripe for XR, and then help you choose a use case that makes good business sense. We help you spot opportunities in the metaverses, develop a roadmap for your metaverse project and support implementation that drives tangible outcomes.

Our team has extensive hands-on experience in XR and metaverse technologies and applications in marketing & sales, training & onboarding as well as industrial applications of AR. We provide market research, facilitate workshops to test ideas and develop solution concepts, and assist you in planning and running pilot projects.

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How would your business be impacted if your customers spent more time interacting in virtual worlds? What new types of brand experiences could you deliver in the virtual space? Could the metaverse become an additional sales channel for your products? Do your competitors have a presence in the metaverse? 

These are some of the questions to consider when planning your metaverse strategy for marketing & sales. A key point is that there is no one metaverse but many virtual worlds that are taking shape in the virtual universe. We advise you on how to build your own virtual presence – a functional, interactive & immersive 3D space for meaningful customer experiences. A metaverse workshop with our experts is a good place to start.

Time to build your own virtual world? Connect with our team to discuss how we can help.

Training is one of the core applications of the enterprise and industrial metaverses and the underlying XR technologies. In industrial settings, XR hands-on training drives CAPEX reduction, safety improvements and sustainability benefits. In the enterprise metaverse, XR-enabled onboarding and soft-skills training improve staff retention and upskilling and enhance service and customer experience.  

We have created and implemented several virtual training scenarios with our clients. In our consulting work, we start by evaluating how XR can add value to your training and onboarding activities and help identify concrete use cases. Our experts assist in choosing the right technologies, and advise you on what steps to take to introduce XR into your training curriculum and integrate XR training programmes in your LMS. 

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Research shows that the industrial metaverse is already creating substantial business value – with potentially significant or transformative business impacts. Improving the performance of frontline workers with AR devices and enterprise productivity software is one of the key industrial metaverse use cases that companies are deploying.  

Our consulting services for AR-assisted working draw on a continuous process improvement mindset. On top of our practical experience in lean management, we have built solid expertise and strong partnerships in industrial AR. With our network and knowhow, we can map potential use cases, help select KPIs to prove ROI and assist in organising a pilot to generate buy-in and build confidence. 

Interested in how AR can improve your operations? Connect with our team to discuss a consulting assignment.

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