5 + 1 reasons why smart product communication is so smart

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Smart product communication for ABB virtual underwater showroom
Smart product communication solution for ABB. Virtual underwater showroom allows the viewers to experience the product in its real element.

“We are transforming product communication with our smart product communication solutions” is one of our opening lines when presenting Stereoscape as a company. But what do we mean with smart product communication and why is it so smart?

Smart product communication is a pack of solutions that enable new, effective forms of interaction between people, products, and product data. It enables you to give your customers, employees and other stakeholders the right information at the right moment.

It is not just one particular technology or a specific platform. It can be VR, AR or MR, interactive 3D animations, used online or offline on touchscreen, mobile, laptop or head-mounted displays, made with Unity, Unreal, HTML5…

Smart product communication

  1. makes complex things easy to understand and large amounts of information easy to absorb and fun to explore. Like the interactive product tour, we built for ARE Sensus® or Vaisala World, the interactive platform opening up the entire world with Vaisala’s products.
  1. makes the invisible visible by allowing exploration of simulation results with augmented or virtual reality in a real environment. Just like was done in the R&D cooperation with Fortum. Or by breaking the distance of ca 4000 km and creating unseen real-time multi-user VR experiences in 5G we did for Nokia.
  1. works on multiple platforms and lets people experience the products in their real environments even when it is not possible in real-life. Like the virtual underwater showroom we built for ABB; recycling the same 3D content in VR, touchscreen and laptop solutions.
  1. is built on interactive multilayered storytelling so that it can accommodate different needs and preferences in different situations for different people. Deep and detailed technical info for the tech experts or entire product-range at one glance marketing purposes. Just like in the Gas Value Chain Platform we created for Wärtsilä.
  1. works throughout the product lifecycle. Smart product communication solutions can be modified to be used in different parts of the product lifecycle or serve as such for multiple purposes. Just like Vaisala World, ARE Sensus and Wärtsilä Gas Value Chain solutions are already being used.
Smart product communication works on multiple platforms
Smart product communication works on multiple platforms; ABB’s virtual underwater showroom was also made into a touchscreen solution.

So… In brief – smart product communication is solutions that make use of digital technology to make it easier for people to understand more about products and services.  Or with IoT connection even make the products to talk themselves.

We will attend the Arctic15 event in May together with my colleagues to present some of these smart product communication solutions. If you are interested in seeing and experience them yourself, you are welcome to visit our stand at Arctic15 at Kaapelitehdas on May 30th.


Olli Nykänen
Key Account Manager
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+358 50 552 0958

P.S. And the +1 reason?

The dictionary defines the word “smart” also as something that is “elegant and stylish”. Our solutions have been defined by our customers as:

 “visually rich content built on multiple layers works from marketing to sales and even for training purposes…” … “a flexible, modular and compelling visualisation application…” … “an immersive experience that has created ‘wow’ moments for our customers, industry analysts and even the Chairman of the Nokia board of directors…”.

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