Interactive touch screen platform




Client challenge​

How to present the company’s products in an engaging and visual way

We created

Vaisala World: an interactive platform presenting the client’s entire product portfolio, containing visually rich detail, including photorealistic 3D animation and video.

The experience was

An intuitive, visually engaging way to explore the company’s portfolio, allowing users to form an overview and gain deeper insights at their own pace.

Devices and channels

The application works on touch screens, both online and offline.


A scalable, easy-to-update communication tool.

“Vaisala World opens up the entire world with our products. Using our existing digital assets as a visual core Stereoscape managed to create for us a tool  that tells the story in many levels. The visually rich content built on multiple layers works from marketing to sales and even for training purposes; whether it is for giving an overview of the entire company, or an in-depth presentation of an individual product.”

Riika Pikkuvirta, Head of Weather Marketing, EMEA & APAC, Vaisala

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