Vaisala World — Interactive platform presenting entire product catalog


“Vaisala World opens up the entire world with our products. Using our existing digital assets as a visual core Stereoscape managed to create for us a tool  that tells the story in many levels. The visually rich content built on multiple layers works from marketing to sales and even for training purposes; whether it is for giving an overview of the entire company, or an indepth presentation of an individual product.”

Riika Pikkuvirta, Head of Weather Marketing, EMEA & APAC, Vaisala

  • Visually rich digital content that catches attention
  • Interactive platform that shows the company’s entire product range
  • A scalable channel for delivering product information throughout the global organisation – fast and easy and always up-to-date.


Vaisala is the global leader in weather and industrial measurement. The company provides a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for weather related, industrial and life science markets.

Stereoscape created for Vaisala a whole new world for presenting its entire product portfolio digitally and interactively. Vaisala World is an application; an interactive platform that presents the wide-ranging offering of the company at one glance. Interactive hotspots enable intuitive navigation in the digital world and offer more information of each individual product with texts, videos, photorealistic 3D animations, etc. The platform is scalable and new products can be added when needed.

Keeping product information up-to-date is easy with Vaisala World. Once new material is added to the platform, the application automatically updates the content and makes sure that with Vaisala World, the products are always presented with the latest materials. Besides powering external product communication, Vaisala World also serves as an effective tool for sharing product information throughout the global organisation.

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