Interactive product tour of ARE Sensus®

Are Oy

“We got a record amount of leads thanks to offering the visitors an interactive Are Sensus product tour with Stereoscape’s solution”, Sini Husu, Marketing Manager, Are Oy

“Stereoscape managed to catch the essence of the highly technical product and build us a solution that gives visitors a true interactive product tour with Are Sensus. It not only allows presenting large amount of information in a short time, but also makes it visual, interesting and easy “, Sini Husu, Marketing Manager, Are Oy

  • One tool that allows engaging presentations to different audiences.
  • Making large amounts of information easy to absorb and fun to explore
  • Smart product communication that makes presenting easy, engaging and leads to results.


Are is Finland’s largest building services company. It offers life-cycle building services, contracting and property maintenance services. One of its main products, Are Sensus, is a technical building system that offers a highly efficient combination of heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation.

Are Sensus is used in many types of buildings; hotels, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Also the customers and the background of the customers’ decision maker varies; not all have a technical background. To present the complex technical system and all its variables for different usages in sales meetings and trade events for customers with various backgrounds is challenging. Power point presentations get lengthy and still images are hardly optimal in showing what the eye can’t see, i.e.  the system in action.

Therefore, Are was looking for a solution that would make it easier to present the Sensus system and all its finesses to different customers. They also wanted to find a solution that not only presents the product but also brings to light Are and its Sensus system as the true trailblazers they are.

Stereoscape had a solution ready for Are’s needs; SMARTSCAPE interactive product tour that makes complex products and services easy to understand and delivers product experiences with high quality 3D visualisations and multi-layered storytelling.

Having a productised solution helped to speed up the project. “The Design Sprint workshop in the beginning of the project was really good for defining the project and the scope. Stereoscape’s team was really quick to catch the essence of our product and our needs. The delivered solution, with a house that not only looks good but is generic enough to present the different uses of Sensus, fits perfectly for our needs.” says Sini Husu, Are’s Marketing Manager.

The solution was presented for the first time at RE Finland, The Finnish Real Estate Summit, the biggest event for Finnish real estate business. “It really worked well for our needs. It gathered plenty of interest and people were delighted to be able to use it also on their own. The solution also helped our non-technical staff to give quality presentations to interested customers.” says Sini Husu, Are’s Marketing Manager.

The SMARTSCAPE solution that Stereoscape created presents the Are Sensus service in an engaging and highly informative way that allows each presenter or visitor to the fair to build their own product experiences. The solution will also be used for sales and for product training needs.

The versatility of SMARTSCAPE solution allows for future build-ups as the material in the solution can be used for a standalone video or upgraded into a more immersive experience with AR or VR.

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