Interactive e-learning platform




Client challenge​

How to present the entire gas value chain and Wärtsilä’s products and services within it to the company’s employees?

We created

An interactive learning platform.

The experience was

A visually engaging, interactive way for employees to create an overview of the gas value chain and familiarise themselves with the company’s offering.

Devices and channels

Touch screen Intranet version for internal training purposes, and a public web-based version for marketing use on the company’s website.

“The importance of the opportunities and projects we have in the Gas Value Chain is increasing day by day. Therefore, we see it important that we provide all our employees not only the opportunity to learn more about the Gas Value Chain, but also to gain better understanding of Wärtsilä’s offering in it. These were the main drivers behind the development of Gas Value Chain reality.” 

Tomas Hakala
Vice President, 4-Stroke Engine Services Wärtsilä Oyj

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