Multi-user virtual reality experience




Client challenge​

Communicate complex technologies such as 5G to various stakeholders in an engaging and effective way, in the short time available at trade fairs and other events.

We created

A virtual reality experience where multiple users can interact and explore a future “smart city” through a compelling storyline; a 360-video version for PC use and a video trailer for social media.

The experience was

An immersive way to learn about the possibilities of future as if you were there in real life, with the option to share a 2D teaser of the experience online.

Devices and channels

VR experience through Oculus Rift headsets, accessible through an offline Windows application, and a 360 video version for PC use.

”When our customers are experiencing the demo of our solutions and products, we hope that the information makes them really understand and feel like ‘A-HA!’. This is the purpose and benefit of the solution. With good content creation and close collaboration in creating the informative messaging, the final result serves its purpose and this is what we’ve achieved with Stereoscape several times.”

Anne Vainio-Sunna

Marketing Manager, Nokia

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