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SHOWSCAPE virtual showrooms are interactive XR and 360-degree presentation solutions that turn any location into an immersive virtual space, where people can observe, explore and experience virtual products and spaces ‘as if they were there’.

Our solutions grow with your needs. You can start from a basic version and later add new content and new features – or stat from a more extensive version. We offer a family of SHOWSCAPE solutions. Take a closer look.

Interactive live presentation of products in dynamic 3D and AR

SHOWSCAPE 3D Presenter

Showcase your products in 3D at webinars and online meetings, or invite customers on a multiuser session and present your product in real time with augmented reality and 3D. Communicate your product details through exploded views and simple step-by-step demonstrations in visually dynamic interactive experiences.

AR Presenter 3 4
VR reference smart cities

Virtual reality showroom for immersive experiences shared by multiple users


Invite customers to engage deeply with your product in a visually powerful immersive VR experience and interact as avatars in a shared virtual space. Showcase lifelike products in their scale and in different configurations.

Online virtual tour in an interactive 360-degree environment


Bring your customers on a virtual tour to a 360-degree replica of your showroom or other space and present your offering online in real time. Layers of interactive content within the immersive space enable dynamic presentations and allow you to personalise the customer experience.

Showscape prime

Virtual showroom entirely customised to meet your needs


Make a fundamental shift in your product communication with a unique, fully customised virtual showroom for online audiences or in-person events. Engage your customers more deeply by immersing them in powerful and memorable 3D and extended reality (XR) experiences that help understand complex products, boost brand visibility and fual demand generation.

Key features

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XR-powered – AR, MR and VR alternatives, depending on use case

touch 500x500px

Familiar touch control or intuitive gesture and gaze control – depending on XR alternative selected

Sharing 500x500px

Unlimited, extensible and updatable virtual space – new content can be cost-efficiently added

interaction 500x500px

Single-user and multi-user usage modes for individual and shared experiences

Key benefits

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Inspire, engage and enable sharing

Show, don’t tell – offer experiences, not explanations

Promote shared understanding in a shared virtual space

Enrich information, evoke emotions, leave a lasting impression

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Transcend distance, time and scale

Pitch future products and projects impactfully

Let people access places out of reach in the real world

Help perceive real shape and size in life-size experiences

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Cut costs and carbon footprint

Replace physical by virtual to cut costs and save environment

Repurpose existing assets for showroom content in other channels

Reuse the showroom content in other channels