Interactive 3D and virtual marketing

Take your digital marketing to the next level
Use the power of interactivity

Improve customer experiences, build brand awareness and drive sales by telling interactive, immersive and informative stories across digital channels.

Show, don't tell

Show your customers exactly how your product works or let them try out your product virtually and help make purchase decisions.

Future proof your digital presence

Evolve to the next generation web. Adopt 3D and immersive content creation. Build your own branded virtual worlds and get metaverse-ready.

Virtual worlds and showrooms
Interactive presentations
Gamified experiences
3D visualisation and animation
Virtual worlds and showrooms
Interactive presentations
Gamified experiences
3D visualisation and animation
Virtual worlds and showrooms
Draw customers into the 3D world of your brand and products

Visual digital twins or imagined virtual spaces
Your brand’s virtual world or showroom can be a digital replica of reality or an imaginary virtual space to showcase your offering, take customers on a tour and let them interact with your brand and other visitors.

Emotional engagement 
3D and immersive experiences are at the same time fun, informative and memorable. They allow for greater emotional intensity and a stronger connection with your brand. Use of avatars adds to the sense of presence and involvement.

Anytime, anywhere access
Virtual showrooms are scalable, high reach and available 24/7. They can be delivered through VR to fully immerse visitors and through the web for anytime, anywhere access. More exposure means more chances to win sales.

 Interactive presentations
From explanation to exploration

Make complex information easier to understand
Spark aha-moments! Don’t overwhelm your customers with information. Engage, let them explore, scan lightly or dig deeper into details and help them make sense of complex information at their own pace.

Engage visually
Instead of text-heavy content, use 3D animations, 360-degree videos and other visualisations for higher engagement and longer viewing times – whilst providing different path options that allow users to customise what they see.

Stay relevant
Interactive 3D boosts your digital-first marketing approach and helps you stay relevant in the digital space. Our solutions work both online and off, are easy to keep up-to-date, and produce useful analytics.

Gamified experiences
Augment brand interactions

Drive a positive brand attitude
AR and gamification offer numerous opportunities to enliven digital content, and (as studies show) produce higher brand favourability and increase conversion rates.

Ignite competitive spirit
Gamification is a powerful motivational tool. Rewarding customers with a sense of achievement encourages them to return to the experience and engage for a longer period.

Visualise the invisible
AR helps your customers better understand your product’s dimensions and configuration. What’s more, it enables you to ‘X-ray’ the inner workings of your product in a way images and video are unable to replicate.

3D visualisation and animation
Make the most of 3D content

Show – don’t tell

Animated 3D explainer videos, 3D exploded view animations, and other 3D visualisations showcase your products and present your technology from all angles.

Repurpose existing content 

You probably already have content that is created in 3D, like CAD files. We turn your existing assets into visually compelling 3D and immersive content.

Benefit from scalability

Once created, lifelike 3D visualisations can be flexibly used, quickly altered and easily updated for multiple marketing purposes on different channels and platforms.

Start from a design sprint
Virtual reality, augmented reality, 360 experiences, interactive videos – sometimes itʼs hard to imagine what can be done with the new digital technologies, given a timeframe and a budget. A design sprint with Stereoscopeʼs creative team and technologists is an excellent starting point for building inspiring, interactive and immersive experiences that realise your marketing vision.
Our technology partners for interactive 3D and virtual marketing
rooom’s enterprise metaverse solutions drive immersive 3D, AR and VR experiences in virtual showrooms, 3D product presentations and virtual events.
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JigSpace is a 3D knowledge-sharing platform for visualising your ideas, products, and processes in interactive 3D and augmented reality.
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Varjo makes the highest-immersion virtual and mixed reality devices, merging virtual and traditional reality – with true-to-life visual fidelity. Stereoscape is a Varjo-ready content studio.
Matterport’s all-in-one spatial computing platform transforms real-world spaces into visually immersive, accurate and interactive 3D digital twins.