Virtual Reality experience to inspire occupational safety awareness


“The professional team at Stereoscape achieved excellent results. We appreciate the fact that the original schedule was based on realistic assumptions. Interaction was motivating and we loved the hands-on approach of the team. We found the workshops very productive and useful. The VR experience opens up endless new possibilities in an educational context and elevates our contacts with our customers to a new level. Looking forward to continuing our joint venture!”

Päivi Wallin

Director, Mela

Client challenge

  • How to raise awareness of the importance of occupational safety among Mela’s clients
  • How to demonstrate workplace hazards in a memorable but safe manner

End users

Mela’s occupational safety experts and their clients

Content and interactivity

3D animations – 3D-animated farm environment + two 3D-animated training scenarios

Interaction via hand controllers

Buttons for teleportation within VR environment

Stereoscape solution

  • An immersive, interactive and portable VR safety training experience for use in workshops, seminars, client meetings and other events
  • Users interact with virtual content by pushing, clicking and pointing with hand controllers connected to a VR headset
  • Two different learning scenarios that highlight workplace safety hazards based on real-life high-risk situations
  • Both scenarios finish with a thought-provoking text to trigger conversation with an occupational safety expert

Solution type

Interactive, immersive virtual reality – PROSCAPE Safety learning solution

Distribution and display

Windows application, offline

Oculus Quest wireless VR headset + hand controllers

Screen mirroring via smartphone to external TV display

Icon Devices
Enables “as if I were there” experiences
Icon Engaging
Drives higher interest and engagement
Icon Learning
Improves retention and recall of information
Icon Interaction
Elevates client contacts to a new level

Mela provides pension cover and social security to agricultural entrepreneurs and other customers in Finland. The institution’s focus for the year 2020 is occupational safety, with a goal of zero workplace accidents. To support the goal of preventing accidents at work, the institution commissioned Stereoscape to create a virtual learning environment that would increase its clients’ awareness of the importance of occupational safety.

Interactive VR experience with two risk scenarios

Stereoscape created an immersive, interactive VR experience that Mela’s clients can use at workshops and other events across Finland. The experience was designed for Oculus Quest, a wireless headset connected to hand controllers.

The VR experience features two different, interactive scenarios that highlight potential dangers at the farmers’ workplace, based on real-life hazardous situations presented by Mela: working at heights, and working with animals. The user, wearing the headset, can interact with the VR content by pushing, clicking and pointing with hand controllers connected to the headset. Both scenarios finish with an educational text, triggering further conversation within the workshop to explore topics around workplace health and safety.


Sparking interest in workplace safety

The VR experience has been used by Mela across Finland in seminars, workshops, client meetings and trade events. The experience has been praised by Mela’s clients for demonstrating workplace hazards in a memorable, yet safe way, inspiring active conversations about accident
prevention at work.

Mela has been satisfied in how the VR experience has engaged their clients to think and talk about health and safety in a new way. The VR experience demonstrates, through a physical experience that feels much like the ‘real thing’, how easily a hazardous situation can develop, and how dangerous scenarios should be prevented, helping Mela in their goal of reducing and preventing workplace accidents.

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