Safety training in virtual reality




Client challenge​

How to raise awareness of occupational safety and demonstrate workplace hazards in a memorable but safe way?

We created

A portable virtual reality experience with interactive learning scenarios that highlight workplace hazards.

The experience was

An immersive and memorable way to learn about workplace hazards.

Devices and channels

Wireless Oculus Quest VR-headsets, used at events.


The VR experience has been used across Finland in seminars, workshops, client meetings and trade events, inspiring conversations about accident prevention at work.

“The professional team at Stereoscape achieved excellent results. We appreciate the fact that the original schedule was based on realistic assumptions. Interaction was motivating and we loved the hands-on approach of the team. We found the workshops very productive and useful. The VR experience opens up endless new possibilities in an educational context and elevates our contacts with our customers to a new level. Looking forward to continuing our joint venture!”

Päivi Wallin

Director, Mela

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