An online marketing platform for promoting local businesses

The town of Viitasaari


The town of Viitasaari

Client challenge​

How to increase the brand awareness of a small and unknown Finnish town Viitasaari and communicate its unique possibilities for visitors

We created

Virtual Viitasaari, an immersive 360 online environment based on the real town. Virtual Viitasaari enables the local businesses to promote themselves by adding for example interactive and gamified content to the platform.

The experience was

A memorable and engaging way for potential visitors of the town to learn all the possibilities of the Town of Viitasaari

Devices and channels

PC, smart devices and VR headset. Accessed via browser


The local businesses of Viitasaari now have an effective new marketing platform which allows them to promote their products and services in a new, unique and memorable way

This is not about providing solely virtual experiences for visitors, but experiences where the virtual platform, physical environments and businesses all complement each other to create added value for the target groups.

Hannu Nevala

Project lead for the town of Viitasaari

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