Virtual reality tour of a future smart city


”When our customers are experiencing the demo of our solutions and products, we hope that the information makes them really understand and feel like ‘A-HA!’. This is the purpose and benefit of the solution. With good content creation and close collaboration in creating the informative messaging, the final result serves its purpose and this is what we’ve achieved with Stereoscape several times.” Anne Vainio-Sunna, Marketing Manager, Nokia

Client challenge

  • How to make a broad technological & economic & social concept and nextgeneration technologies understandable within a limited timeframe
  • How to provide a compelling experience to a range of stakeholders from customers and shareholders to policymakers

End users

Client’s personnel presenting to different stakeholders in trade- & roadshows, AGM and executive experience centers

Content and interactivity

Original 3D content
Interactive buttons in the virtual world

Stereoscape solution

  • Immersive 4-minute VR experience that takes people to a place and time that are out of reach in the real world
  • Compelling storyline captures a large amount of conceptual information about solutions, services and business cases
  • Original 3D content that can be leveraged in other use cases
  • Multiple users can simultaneously enjoy the experience
  • Multi-channel distribution via 360 video for PC
  • Portable solution designed for ease of use

Solution type

Distribution and display

Windows app for offline use (VR)
Oculus Rift headsets with remote or touch controllers (VR)
Screen mirroring
360-degree video for PC screens
2D video teaser for social media

Helps make sense of broad & complex concept
Allows users to step into the future
Icon Learning
Leaves strong and memorable impression
3D content that can be leveraged in other use cases


Many cities that are in the midst of their smart city transformation are realizing that to capture the full benefits of their initiatives, a new and more cohesive approach is needed. Nokia’s challenge was to make the complex concept understandable in a short space of time and communicate the company’s innovative robust, proven technologies like 5G, Industrial IOT and machine learning technology approach to different types of stakeholders.

Stereoscape was tasked with creating a memorable virtual reality experience that demonstrates Nokia’s next-generation technologies in an inspiring, insightful way.


We created an easily portable VR experience that takes the client’s stakeholders on a virtual tour in a future smart city.

Key features:

  • Several people can enter and move within the virtual experience simultaneously
  • Buttons inside the experience engage users to interact
  • Headsets and controllers provide full immersion
  • VR view can be shared to a wider audience via a separate display
  • 360-degree video version for online & offline use
  • 2D video teaser for social media distribution

The virtual smart city was launched at MWC Barcelona 2019 as part of Nokia’s Connected cities exhibition area.

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