3D application for recruiting and onboarding


“Professional realisation / Exciting new technology / A well-run project”, Pirkko Yliselä, Viestintäjohtaja Maanmittauslaitos


  • The solution can be used for several purposes: to attract next-generation talent to the industry; to onboard new employees; and to strengthen the employer brand
  • The solution provides an interactive, informative and immersive user experience through its compelling 3D visuals, intuitive user interface, and multiple layers of information to explore
  • Client’s existing content was combined with new content produced for the solution; further content can be easily added to the scalable solution, and content updates can be made over the air



The National Land Survey of Finland (NLS) does land surveying, maintains property information, produces map data material, handles registrations of title and mortgages, and promotes the research and application of spatial data. An important task of the NLS is also to secure the talent pool for the land survey industry. To increase the number of applicants, the agency practices active communication and marketing to inform the youth of the relatively unknown field.

To encourage students to apply to surveying degree programmes, inspire fresh graduates to join the agency, as well as help onboard new hires, the NLS was looking for an interactive solution to communicate what it’s like to work in surveying and the NLS. The solution would be used by the NLS’ employer brand ambassadors and educational personnel across Finland, but students would also be encouraged to download the application and explore the contents on their own. Additionally, the solution would work as a training tool during employee onboarding at the NLS.



A design sprint with a team from the NLS focused on generating and testing ideas on how to attract new talent to the NLS, and surveying in general, using an interactive digital application – what are the key messages to get across, what content should be included, how should it be presented, and what content is currently available that can be repurposed for the solution.

Stereoscape then designed and built – in close collaboration with the client – a Windows 10 based application with a touch (& click) user interface for offline use. Information architecture played an important role in the design. A multi-layered information structure with a side menu and hotspots enable progressive navigation and versatile interactions within the application. 3D models and animations illustrate various concepts and make the content visually compelling. Videos, images, maps and text contribute to a multifaceted view of the NLS as a workplace and surveying as a field of study. The bilingual application also features an interactive section of questions and problems for the user to ponder.



  • A PC-based SMARTSCAPE application for offline use to deliver an interactive, informative and immersive user experience
  • A flexible solution with two language versions for versatile use cases from attracting new talent to a career in surveying to the client’s employer branding and new hire onboarding
  • Multimedia, multi-layered content to provide a many-sided view of the client’s organisation and activities and information about studies in the field of surveying
  • Existing content repurposed and combined with new content to leverage the client’s existing assets and to minimise the need to create entirely new content
  • A scalable solution, as new content can be added to the existing application in the form of over-the-air updates

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