Interactive presentation of flexible manufacturing systems


“Maximum output with lights-out manufacturing, 8760 hours per year.”


  • Presents a new product family in a visually compelling, informative and interactive manner in trade shows and other use cases
  • Replaces physical scale models with digital 3D visualisations
  • Makes cost-efficient use of client’s existing digital assets
  • Enables anywhere, anytime access to product information
  • Built on Stereoscape’s SMARTSCAPE® solution for interactive product tours



As the leading independent manufacturer of factory automation systems, Fastems was looking to present their new generation of flexible manufacturing systems – the new Adaptive FMS product family – in a way fitting to the company’s mission of improving their customers’ competitiveness through automation. The presentation was to interactively show how Adaptive FMS helps customers maximise their production performance, year-round, for the full 8,760 hours per year.



We delivered an interactive 3D presentation solution based on our SMARTSCAPE® solution for interactive product tours. SMARTSCAPE® combines 3D product visualisations with touch & click hotspots and other interactive controls that let users access multiple layers of multimedia product information. SMARTSCAPE® can be used in various applications from marketing and sales to learning and training.



  • The solution presents Fastems’ Adaptive FMS with the help of interactive 3D animations that bring the system’s unique features, functions and value to life – showing the system in action, demonstrating its inner workings and communicating its benefits to customers.
  • The touch & click user interface allows salespeople to walk their audience through selling points.
  • The interactive presentation can be adapted to different use cases, and the scalable solution flexibly accommodates new content.
  • The solution provides salespeople with an up-to-date product presentation tool that helps ensure consistency in communication.
  • Replacing physical scale models with a digital presentation saves money on transportation costs and enables faster and easier updates.

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