Presentation of smart waste management system


Client challenge

  • How to present a comprehensive cruise ship waste management system to different types of audiences around the world
  • Passive videos not effective and versatile enough to make complex information understandable

End users

Client’s global marketing & sales personnel

Content and interactivity

3D animations, partly based on client’s existing 3D assets
Flow charts, images, text
Interactive buttons for touch & click interaction

Stereoscape solution

  • 3D animation of cruise ship as setting for interactive presentation
  • Process charts with animated material flows demonstrate the system, and process phases double as interactive buttons that reveal more details
  • Multi-layer information architecture makes information available at different levels of detail and enables customised presentations
  • All essential information accessible in one place for anytime & anywhere use

Solution type

Interactive product tour – SMARTSCAPE

Distribution and display

Windows app for for offline use on touch and other screens

Replaces passive with interactive communication
Icon Learning
Makes complex system understandable
Supports consultative B2B sales
Enables easy updates and extensions

Wärtsilä is a world leader in marine technology – one in every three vessels sailing the oceans of the world has Wärtsilä solutions on board. The company’s offering is the broadest in the industry and covers all major marine and offshore oil & gas segments. With a long-standing commitment to sustainability, Wärtsilä has a strong portfolio of solutions that help its customers improve their environmental performance. One of these solutions is a complete waste management system for cruise ships, with a variety of options to treat the different waste streams on board.



Wärtsilä has used videos to present its waste management offering, but needed a more versatile tool to present the comprehensive waste management system and its many benefits, like cost, energy and space savings. Illustrative visualisations, interactivity, and ease of use were some of the requirements for the new presentation solution. The client was also looking for flexibility in content updates, extensibility to accommodate new content additions, and adaptability to cater to different types of presentations and audiences around the world.



We proposed a solution based on our SMARTSCAPE concept. SMARTSCAPE solutions combine high-quality 3D visualisation; an extensible, multilayer information architecture; and versatile interactivity to transform product communication from passive consumption to active exploration of information.

An existing 3D model of a cruise ship was repurposed as a 3D animation to provide a setup for the presentation. Process flowcharts and animated material flows demonstrate the collection, treatment, recycling and disposal of the different wet and dry waste streams. Ballast water and fresh water management have their own sections in the presentation. The multilayer information architecture gradually reveals more detail about equipment, technologies and customer benefits. Process steps in the flowcharts function as touch/click interactive elements, enabling smooth navigation between the layers and providing easy access to additional information.

The solution is designed for flexibility, adaptability and extensibility. People can have a quick scan of the waste management system or explore the content in more detail to gain a deeper understanding of the broad offering. The presentation can be customised depending on the audience, situation and time available. The content can be smoothly updated and entirely new content added.

The solution is distributed as a PC application for use on touch and other screens.



  • Instead of predefined, one-way transfer of product information, the presentation solution enables interactive, customisable product communication to support consultative B2B sales.
  • A clear-cut, multilayer information architecture and an intuitive user interface create clarity and make the broad offering easier to explore and understand.
  • The solution facilitates communication at different levels of detail – people can quickly glean the key points or dig deeper into the information.
  • The solution adapts to different audiences, presentation situations and presenter styles, whilst promoting consistency in communication – the right information is easy to find and all essential information is available in one place.
  • The solution design supports flexible content updates and extensions.

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