Immersive services demo for Executive Experience Centers


“During this project Stereoscape demonstrated a great understanding of our business objectives and target audience.  Their professionalism helped guide us on the appropriate use of AR, VR and video technologies and in constructing the storytelling narratives to convey our key messages effectively.  The result is an immersive experience that has created ‘wow’ moments for our customers, industry analysts and even the Chairman of the Nokia board of directors!” Andrew Burrell, Head of Marketing, Global Services, Nokia

  • Services made visible for clients visiting Nokia’s Executive Experience Centers
  • Close collaboration with client in defining the concept, followed by content creation with iterative project management model that kept work on target throughout the project resulted in a successful outcome.
  • Three separate experiences – AR, VFX 3D, and a touchscreen solution – that each present Nokia’s services through three different use case scenarios.


Nokia, is a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of our connected world. Communicating complex concepts and services for future technologies like 5G, Internet of Things, or cloud services is challenging. Making them visible is often even a bigger challenge.

With creative overall concept, expertise in visual storytelling, knowhow of the latest visualization technologies and effective project management Stereoscape was able to create a set of solutions that make Nokia’s services visible.

After six months and weekly project meetings the services are now being demonstrated at Nokia’s Executive Experience Centers in Espoo, Paris and Plano, Texas in an easy to understand, informative, and visually impressive way with:

  • an innovative, leading-edge AR solution for multiple simultaneous users,
  • impressive VFX 3D videos remote controlled with a custom made mobile application, and
  • a touchscreen solution built on Stereoscape’s SMARTSCAPE platform containing large amounts of content – videos, success stories, testimonials, and other supporting information – with layered storytelling, modular structure and visualisations that make it easy for the presenter to customize each demonstration according to different audiences’ needs.

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