Holographic visualisation of packaging solutions


Wipak Group develops and manufactures highly innovative premium-quality packaging solutions for food products and medical instruments and devices.

To better demonstrate and tell product stories as well as engage visitors in the exhibitions, Wipak decided to use holographic visualisation.



Stereoscape created two eye-catching holographic animations for Wipak to showcase their premium packing materials in their international exhibitions. The first animation was created for the Scanpack exhibition in Sweden. The holographic animation was combined with the real product inside the holographic unit, producing a mixed-reality customer experience. The other animation was created for the COMPAMED exhibition in Germany. The holographic animation visualised Wipak´s unique MP TF Peel film with Uncoated Tyvek(R) packing material in an entirely new way.



Holographic visualisation is a powerful tool for providing effective stopping power and creating new ways to engage consumers and tell product stories.

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