3D animation to show the technical advances of a large generator

The Switch

The 3D animation was an “eye-catcher and certainly caught the attention of fellow passengers. The display was well received and led to some good general discussion.” Mr Jari Riikonen, Marketing Manager for Marine Systems, The Switch.


The 3D presentation aroused plenty of interest and was a good topic for discussion.” Mika Koli, Business Development Manager, The Switch.

The Switch, a Yaskawa company, is a specialist in advanced drive train technology. The company’s main focus areas are wind, marine and special industrial solutions.

For the marine industry, The Switch produces shaft generators that now include a new counter-flux rotor solution. The innovative concept ensures safe vessel operation in case of an unlikely short-circuit fault at sea by de-energizing the shaft generator.

The company was looking for a way to demonstrate the functionalities and advanced technology of the innovation.


The solution – detailed 3D animation to show the technical advances and to highlight customer value

The technology is complex and the size of the actual products is very large: each generator weighing several tons. The magic – mechanically separating the generator from the propeller shaft in less than 10 minutes in case of a failure – happens where no eye can see, deep inside the large generator, located deep inside a large marine vessel. A real life demonstration of how the rotors work would be more than challenging.

Stereoscape helped The Switch to overcome the challenge by creating a photorealistic 3D visualisation from existing CAD models. The 90-second animation takes the viewers inside a marine vessel and inside the generator to show how the counter-flux rotor concept works.

The animation is displayed within a transparent showcase to further enhance the visual effect. A separate 2D version was created for multichannel use, for example online.


The results – it takes less than 10 minutes to disengage a generator rotor and less than two minutes to explain it in a 3D animation

A detailed animation on what happens inside the generator allows The Switch to really show – for the first time – the unique features of their new product. What previously took several slides with pictures and long texts to explain is now effectively and efficiently demonstrated in less than two minutes.

Stereoscape’s clear visualization and streamlined storytelling makes the animation understandable and interesting also for non-technical audiences while the level of detail – thanks to using CAD models – is enough even for highly technical audiences.

The holographic video displayed in the transparent showcase was presented at the Ferry Shipping Conference 2016. The conference, held onboard a cruise ship sailing on the Baltic Sea, is one of the biggest and most important of its kind in the industry.

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