Interactive presentation of end-to-end 5G portfolio

“StereoScape creates deep and compelling interactive demos and VR experiences that allows Nokia to take complex topics and simply explain them to our customers. We have used StereoScape for many VR, AR, and HTML demos as well as creating video content that directly addresses our customer’s needs. They have a talented team of individuals that can take out high level concepts and create content they deliver far surpasses our expectations.” Paul Norkus, 5G Marketing Manager, Nokia

  • An interactive solution to demonstrate the value of Nokia’s unique end-to-end 5G portfolio across different vertical markets -> Interactive solution to demonstrate Nokia’s end-to-end 5G portfolio
  • A set of demos and other content that run seamlessly within the same interactive platform with an intuitive user interface
  • Content management system allowing easy editing and addition of new content



Nokia is a multinational telecommunications, information technology, software and services company and a world leader in the development of 5G. Nokia’s key value proposition in 5G is end-to-end: the company offers a broad end-to-end 5G portfolio of solutions, software and services.

To highlight its end-to-end approach that supports a wide range of technical and commercial requirements, Nokia had multiple interactive demos from different application areas of 5G. We were tasked with finding an approach that would combine all of these demos into a single, interactive, informative and most importantly, user-friendly presentation solution for smooth and effective knowledge transfer.



Stereoscape’s team focused on creating a flexible presentation and content management solution based on our proven SMARTSCAPE® framework. The interactive demos – featuring an elevator pitch and the key elements of value of Nokia’s end-to-end 5G capability – were combined with interactive 3D animations we had previously delivered to the client.  An intuitive user interface was a key design consideration, together with extensibility and easy updatability of the solution.

The solution is used by Nokia’s marketing and sales organisation in the company’s Executive Experience Centres, client meetings and events targeting C-suite executives of communications service providers as well as other enterprise customers and 5G stakeholders.



  • Easy-to-use and extendable solution to communicate the client’s unique end-to-end value proposition for the 5G era
  • Interactive solution that helps the client’s marketing & sales professionals guide their audiences through key features, benefits and applications of a complex technology
  • User interface designed to help presenters smoothly alternate between content elements and adapt their presentations to audience needs and interests – while allowing for personal differences in presenter styles
  • Presentation material all in one place in a single interactive platform for marketing & sales professionals to use all over the world
  • A user-friendly content management system that allows the client to update content whenever required
  • PC-based offline application built on Stereoscape’s SMARTSCAPE framework

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