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“As an industry innovator Nokia needs to communicate complex concepts simply, with easy to understand messaging supported with compelling visualization. Stereoscape worked with us to build a flexible, modular and compelling visualization application that was delivered on time and on budget.”

Dave Nowoswiat, Sr. Product Marketing Manager.

  • Visually appealing content draws attention.
  • Interactivity allows content to be varied according to audience and presenter.
  • Modular structure answers the needs for easy updating in the fast developing industry.


Nokia is a global leader in creating the technologies at the heart of the connected world.

For the biggest event in the mobile industry – Mobile World Congress – in 2016 Nokia was looking for an interactive solution to demonstrate its offering and technology in a flexible and interesting way to various audiences.

Stereoscape created a rich media solution with layered storytelling for Nokia to be used at MWC2016. After MWC16 the solution has been used in various events. The same solution also served Nokia’s need at MWC17 as the flexibility of the platform allows adding, editing or even deleting content whenever needed. Something that is highly valuable in the fast moving industry.

Originally created for desktop touch screen, the solution was updated for MWC17 to be used with iPad as well.

The outcome is an interactive HTML5 solution that is easy to use, easy to update, adjusts for different audiences, and delivers the message in a visually rich and interesting way.

Key words: rich media solution, layered storytelling, iterative process, MWC2016, MWC2017

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