Holographic projection of marine equipment


Wärtsilä is a global leader in complete lifecycle power solutions for the marine and energy markets.

Wärtsilä wanted to showcase their new products through an innovative medium that would defy size and inspire audiences. The physical size of the products Wärtsilä builds is simply too large to be displayed in exhibitions and tradeshows. Therefore, the company wanted to create a completely new approach that would enable them to showcase their entire product range under the same roof. To do this physically would be impossible due to the size of the products. The new approach that made it possible was an innovative,interactive presentation solution.


The solution – holographic animations with touch control

Wärtsilä found Stereoscape to be the ideal partner for creating the presentation solution as Stereoscape has extensive experience in holographic projections and interactive technologies.

Using existing CAD drawings Wärtsilä held, Stereoscape created complete ‘outside-to-inside’ animations for holographic display, showing the products to a detail that has never been done before. An integrated touch screen enables visitors to switch between different animations.


Results – create once, deploy everywhere

Stereoscape helped Wärsilä in defying size and created an inspirational, interactive presentation solution for displaying products that were otherwise impossible to showcase to the public.

Large size or logistical issues are no longer an issue – the products can easily be showcased whenever, wherever. In one display with interactive control, Wärtsilä can now present a large range of their products.

Bringing out the best from the assets a client holds, this is a true ‘create once – deploy everywhere’ implementation. The presentation solution is being used in events and tradeshows all over the world.

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