Augmented reality drilling experience for DTH hammer


”Robit launched biggest DTH-hammer in the world at Conexpo 2017 with augmented reality.”

Mikko Mattila, VP Americas.

  • Life-size AR drilling experience showcasing the world’s largest down-the-hole hammer
  • 3D animation for an under-the-hood view of how the hammer works
  • A turnkey delivery – from CAD files to a ready-to-use AR application


Robit launched the biggest DTH hammer in the world at CONEXPO 2017 with augmented reality.

Robit manufactures high-quality drilling consumables for mining, tunneling and other drilling operations. Some of Robit’s big and powerful products are hard to demonstrate in action at trade shows, marketing events or sales meetings.


Life-size drilling demo – wherever, whenever

Stereoscape designed and delivered a turnkey solution for life-size demonstration of the world’s largest hammer for down-the-hole or DTH drills. We created a mobile app using existing CAD models from the client, 3D animation and augmented reality. A life-size printed marker triggers an AR experience that showcases the hammer in action.

Used right next to the physical product at a large trade show, the mobile application allowed visitors to both see the hammer and to get a true feel for how it works in real life. For sales meetings, the same app can be used in a smaller scale, with a smaller marker – yet showing the real proportions. For easy distribution, the application was also published on Google Play store.

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