Interactive 3D/AR presentation to showcase new service concepts


” We enjoyed working with Stereoscape on this project – and many projects before that”, Wojtek Felendzer, Marketing Campaign Manager, Nokia

Client challenge

  • How to present an AI-powered customer service application to B2B customers
  • How to communicate complex information and a strong value proposition, whilst creating positive emotional reactions

End users

Client’s marketing & sales personnel and B2B customers in trade- and roadshows, mainly in North America and Europe

Content and interactivity

3D animations, part of them playable
Pdf and other documents
Hotspots and navigation buttons for touch interaction
Marker-based AR with print image as marker

Stereoscape solution

  • 3D-animated customer journey where four touchpoints represent different service scenarios and demonstrate service infrastructure
  • Interactivity and multi-layer information architecture allow users to explore content at different levels of detail
  • Hybrid solution, where AR adds an unexpected, fun and memorable element
  • Dynamic communication solution that enables users to learn something new in an engaging and entertaining manner

Solution type

Distribution and display

Mobile app for Android tablet, offline use Screen mirroring

Icon Learning
Promotes clarity and understanding
Shows what exists ‘below the surface’
Informs and engages, whilst delighting users
Works as effective lead collection tool

Nokia is a multinational communications and information technology supplier. The company has a leadership position in its primary market of high-performance, end-to-end networks for communications service providers (CSPs) – a business that is today largely driven by 5G.


As part of its comprehensive offering to CSPs, Nokia launched a new AI-powered service concept that enables CSPs to enhance the customer care experience they provide to their subscribers. To demonstrate the service at MWC19 Barcelona – the largest mobile tech and services event in the world – Nokia was looking for a presentation solution that would both communicate the strong value proposition and delight MWC visitors, whilst helping them understand the advanced infrastructure that underpins the new service.



Stereoscape designed and delivered an interactive presentation solution that integrates the best features of our SMARTSCAPE products. The hybrid 3D & AR solution combines compelling 3D animations and augmented reality with an effective, multilayer information architecture. Hotspots and other navigation tools provide a smooth interactive experience on a touch screen – an Android tablet in this case.

The solution features a 3D-animated customer journey of a typical CSP customer. Four different touchpoints along the journey represent different service scenarios, with associated workflows, platforms and other underlying systems that drive the customer care experience. Information of the advanced service infrastructure is presented in multiple layers with different levels of detail.

Interactivity and the way the information is organised allow users to have a quick scan of the content to get a feel of the key points or explore the data below the surface to gain a deeper understanding of the material presented.



The 3D-animated touchpoints – coffee shop, retail store and two home scenes – are ‘playable’, allowing users to interact with the animations. When the user chooses the ‘Open in AR’ option, the same touchpoints come to life in augmented reality for closer inspection from different viewpoints.

The AR experience is anchored to the real world through a marker – a colourful print image in the same cheerful theme as the entire digital experience. The marker also acts as an eye-catcher in event settings, generating interest and drawing attention. Content on the tablet display is also shared to a TV screen through screen mirroring to help attract further attention.

People talking about customer journeys


  • The presentation solution effectively communicates a new service offering – powered by machine learning and other sophisticated technologies – to B2B customers.
  • Interactive 3D and AR help get a complex message across in an engaging and entertaining manner, whilst enabling the audience to learn something new in an experiential way.
  • Augmented reality adds an unexpected, fun and memorable element to the experience and makes the content even more enjoyable.
  • Interactivity drives dynamic communication, and the solution’s multi-layered information architecture promotes clarity and understanding. Users can explore the content at different levels of detail based on their individual preferences.
  • The solution was first displayed at MWC19 Barcelona and has since been used in other trade and road shows in North America and Europe to market the new service offering and collect sales leads.

Using augmented reality functions with tablet

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