AR effects for Sideways Festival social media marketing

Helsinki Testbed & Fullsteam Agency (Sideways Festival)

Try the effects on Instagram
Don’t spill it
Festival Hypeship

Client challenge

How to utilize augmented reality to bring business benefits and boost visibility for events?

End users

  • Sideways Festival visitors
  • Other Instagram and Facebook users

Content and interactivity

  • Sideways visuals that react to audio when recording video
  • A Sideways-branded airship the user can place in their environment
  • Game, where the user needs to open their mouth to catch pouring wine

Stereoscape solution

  • Three different AR effects for Instagram/Facebook camera to encourage sharing and create organic visibility
    • An effect that reacts to sound – perfect for sharing videos of festival performances
    • A Sideways airship to place in an environment showcases the festival program
    • A game for drinking wine – for sharing fun content

Solution type

SparkAR effects

Distribution and display

Smart devices through Instagram or Facebook apps

Icon Engaging
Creates organic visibility for the event
Icon Phone
Fun and memorable way for visitors to share festival experiences
Icon AR
Content can easily be shared in popular social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook)
Icon Sharing
The AR filters' visuals support the event’s art style


Event organizers are constantly looking for new ways to provide fresh and memorable experiences to visitors, experiences that can easily be shared to others via social media. In Autumn 2021, The City of Helsinki, Fullsteam Agency and Helsinki XR Center held an innovation challenge with the aim of finding new concepts in the event industry. Renewing event experiences and creating sense of community among spectators were important goals of this challenge. Stereoscape was one of the three companies whose concept was chosen to be implemented.



Stereoscape created three different Augmented Reality filters that can be used when sharing photos and videos on Instagram and Facebook. The filters are specifically designed to be used when sharing experiences from the 2022 Sideways Festival. The visitors can communicate their festival experiences in a memorable, unique and fun way in social media. Simultaneously the event organizers benefit from increased organic visibility.

The filters’ visuals support the art style of the Sideways festival.

  1. Soundwaves – An effect that reacts to sound – A great way to share videos of festival performances.
  2. Festival hypeship – A Sideways airship showcasing the festival program to be placed in an environment.
  3. Don’t spill it – A game for drinking wine, where you are not allowed to spill it.


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