καιρός — Augmented reality app to increase awareness on climate system


“The exhibition sources meteorological and geophysical-chemical currents as a means of materialisation and technology. The ongoing process affects and determines the space, moment after another.” – HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Aerosols are microscopic particles in the atmosphere. They come from various sources, such as biomass burning and mineral dust. Although invisible to the eye, these tiny particles have major impacts on our climate and our everyday lives – from air quality to global warming.

Using augmented reality, the Kairos2 app makes these invisible air particles visible on a mobile phone or tablet screen. The application displays aerosols as animated particles that change in size, colour, motion and sound based on real-time aerosol measurement data. When ‘air now’ flashes on screen, the number of particles has increased dramatically, whilst ‘slow now’ marks a decrease in concentration.


Unique combination of art, science and technology

Kairos2 is the brainchild of artist Josefina Nelimarkka and a unique synthesis of art, science and technology. The interactive audio-visual experience is both emotionally compelling and informative. A critical part of the climate system is made more topical and understandable with the rapidly shifting scenes on the screen. The real-time sensor data comes from a scientific research station with pioneering measurement technologies, and the invisible becomes visible with the help of AR technology.

Stereoscape was responsible for software design and solution integration and implementation.

The free KAIROS2 app is available on App Store and Google Play.




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