A Virtual Reality based training environment

Stadin AO


Stadin AO

Client challenge​

How to enable students to train difficult and hazardous laboratory related topics in a safe environment with a possibility to repeat the exercise as many times as they see necessary?

We created

A virtual reality based training environment for Stadin AOL students in the field of laboratory and process industry. The environment was created with Simlab and contains 9 different exercises related to working in a laboratory.

The experience was

New, participatory and interesting way for students to train skills related to their future career.

Devices and channels

Meta Quest 2 and Pico Neo Pro VR headsets and their hand controllers for playing. Simlab Viewer for playing and sharing the exercises with students. Simlab Admin for viewing the exercise results.


A safe and motivational learning environment for students and an effective teaching method for teachers enabling them to see whether the student has passed the exercise or not.

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