A journey through car’s engine in virtual reality


“VR proves popular – The conference gave a glimpse of the futures in more ways than one. Neste’s virtual reality demonstration took viewers on a stunning journey through a car’s engine”(20th ICIS World of Base Oils and Lubricants Post Event Report).

Neste is a globally operating refining and marketing company. It is a forerunner in oil refining and renewable solutions offering its customers cleaner traffic fuels and industrial products based on cutting-edge research. In addition to its refining operations, Neste has a retail network of over 1,000 stations as a captive marketing channel for its premium-quality products in Finland and four other countries.

As a forerunner, Neste is looking for innovative ways to present the company and its products in an inspiring and eventful way when meeting different stakeholders at trade shows, conferences, sales meetings and product presentations etc.


Solution – captivating VR experience

As opposed to the traditional company and product presentation materials – brochures, roll-ups or brand and product videos – Neste decided to combine all in one media and go for virtual reality.

Steroscape created a high-quality 360-degree animation that takes the viewer inside a car’s engine. The animation lets the viewer follow the route of Neste’s renewable diesel all the way from the fuel pistol of a Neste gas station to outdoor air. With Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles, the viewer gets a real insider’s look into a car’s engine where he is allowed to truly look around and experience Neste’s products and their benefits to the modern car engines and the environment.


Results – “VR proves popular”

The virtual reality demonstration was first released at an annual industry conference where vendors, customers and experts of the industry meet. The response at the event was positive and immediate.

“The virtual reality demonstration allowed visitors to experience the benefits of our products instead of just reading about it or having it told to them. This was something new and it created a positive buzz that clearly showed in increased numbers of visitors at our stand and mentions during the conference.“ Ulla Kotila, Marketing Specialist, Neste Base Oils

The high-quality content and state-of-the-art virtual reality experience that Steroscape created not only presents Neste and its advanced products for cleaner traffic in an informative, interesting and memorable way but also manages to further enhance the company’s message of being a forerunner in the industry.

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