SimplyVideo mission is to empower teams to be more productive through visual collaboration, enabling them to work together as if they were in the same place, harness extended reality and spatial computing to super power video meetings. Bring teams and information to come together, no matter where they are in the world.

Innovate faster, and serve customers better whilst saving time, money, and the earth’s resources.

SimplyVideo is the world’s first Extended Reality collaboration platform which can integrate with both Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.

It enables users to elevate their remote collaboration to save time, money and carbon emissions.

The solutions can benefit any organisation, from providing low bandwidth calling to improve support in the most remote locations, to slashing costs and time in design cycles by bringing design and visualisation to our own cloud video platform, or third party collaboration tools.

Main features

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Unlock the potential of XR-enhanced remote collaboration tools.

Easy to integrate – Integrate with a multitude of platforms and apps so no device is left out. (XR devices, drones, video conferencing tools including Meet and Teams)

Low-bandwidth collaboration – Connections remain stable even in remote locations.

Share – data, pictures, videos, annotate pictures in a call and more in real time.

Make calls safe –  in the knowledge that they’re encrypted from start to finish.

Chat 4.0 – user-friendly chatbox where you can capture photos, livestream video, and more.

In-call annotation – giving you the chance to see through the eyes of a field worker and even annotate what they’re looking at.

3D asset visualisation – let all members of your team inspect, rotate and annotate the same object – even if they’re scattered across the globe. (STAGE)

Key benefits

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Efficient knowledge share – Expanded knowledge base for problem resolution

Elevate remote collaboration – Bring new perspectives to field-based operations, using industry-leading wearable and drone technology.

Improve efficiency – Instant remote support enables users to provide assistance to field service engineers and improve process efficiencies – reducing human error, as well as project and travel costs.

Design with precision – Utilize mixed reality to inspect, design and visualize 3D assets in any environment

Unlock cost savings – Cut back on unnecessary travel costs and eliminate downtime

Use cases

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Your technician can supply the expert with detailed images and live streamed video that make dealing with repairs simpler than ever – and eliminate travel expenses.

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Field Service

SimplyVideo helps break down barriers between field and desk. Keep your frontline staff safe, connected to the expertise they need, and listened to. If your field team needs support with a particular bit of kit, you can deliver training through a headset paired with SimplyVideo – taking collaborative problem-solving to the next level.

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Harness “see what I see” technology for efficient health and safety inspections. Empower staff by keeping them in contact with remote experts. Now, frontline staff can speak with specialists on demand with POV video that’s low-latency, low-bandwidth and high-quality.

Energy e1694090838462

The energy industry is full of hazards. Frontline staff need to be equipped not only with PPE but also with deep situational awareness. SimplyVideo facilitates in-depth, realistic training scenarios. Trainees can wear a headset and receive real-time guidance from the trainer.

Stereoscape’s services

Customer support

We are experts in providing excellent support to our customers. Our services range from understanding our client needs and possible improvements in their processes by choosing the right solution, training our client on how to use our products, technical support, setting us the system, providing dedicated devices (such as smart glasses), follow-up meetings to make sure everything is going smoothly.
We want our clients to see us as their digital partners.


When delivering the solution we want to make sure that our clients know how to use it. We provide dedicated training to enable our customers to be self-sufficient and ready to implement the solution in their businesses.

Contact us. We are happy to tell you more.
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