Our story

From stereoscopic 3D to XR-technology


Agile XR-solution partner

We didn’t slow down during 2020, but instead we have created new solution portfolios that help our clients through these exceptional times. Partnering with forward-looking companies, Stereoscape designs and builds 3D, AR and VR solutions that are interactive, immersive and visually powerful in order to drive productivity, sustainability and business growth. Our slogan – Experience information – crystallises our mission of enabling people to engage with digital information in entirely new ways.


Smart product communication

Putting interactive 3D and XR technologies in the service of people at work – helping people work smarter and learn faster – is our mission. Smart Product Communication, a concept we launched, has become the underlying theme of all our work. It means making complex product information more understandable with the help of smart information architecture, interactivity and immersive 3D and XR.


Embracing immersive technologies

The first extended reality (XR) solutions we delivered were a stunning VR journey through a car engine and a location-based AR game app for hunting virtual butterflies in a shopping centre. A year later, Pokémon GO stormed the world, but we had already moved on to develop XR solutions for professional use.


New ways of delivering impact and meaning

A cool technology like 3D creates lots of wow moments, but we were looking for something more: new ways to get people to those valuable ‘aha’ moments. The visual wow is important, but ‘wow, now I get it’ is the experience we want our solutions to produce. So we began developing interactive experiences that help people understand complex information.

Today, interactivity is the driving force behind all our solutions.


Origins in stereoscopic 3D

We started out doing stereoscopic 3D conversions of films. Later we progressed to glasses-free 3D technologies, including 3D holographic displays. Whilst stereo-3D ultimately didn’t quite take off, our early work gave us valuable insights and skills in immersive 3D user experience and paved the way for extended reality solutions – stereoscopy that tricks the brain into perceiving depth is an essential element of VR and MR.