AR-powered work instructions and remote expert support

for operations & maintenance

AR-assisted working

REFLEKT Enterprise AR system

REFLEKT ONE work augmentation platform to increase productivity and empower frontline workers with instant access to visual step-by-step instructions, IoT data and AR training guides

REFLEKT Remote collaboration platform to improve efficiency by connecting frontline workers and technicians to remote experts and co-workers for AR-enhanced live support

Our assisted working solutions are offered in partnership with RE’FLEKT.

Step-by-step instructions


REFLEKT ONE is a scalable AR platform for creating step-by-step instructions and visuals that can be projected directly onto real-world objects via smart phones, tablets or smart glasses to improve worker performance and speed up on-the-job learning in installation, service & maintenance, operations and more.

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Simplify complex procedures with flexible smart instructions – simple step-by-step guides, that make your operations less dependent on a highly skilled workforce. Jobs become accessible for new target groups, and you can also reskill and upskill your current employees.

Key features

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Cross platform – publish to iOS, Android, Windows mobile devices and smart glasses

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Precise object recognition and tracking to activate AR/MR content using dedicated markers or real-life objects

Icon Layers

Templates and libraries for fast content creation without specialist knowledge

Icon IoT

Live data – display real-time sensor data directly onto machines in Industry 4.0 environments

Remote assistance


REFLEKT Remote is and AR-powered ‘one-button’ solution that connects your own or your customer’s employees to the right expert for real-time remote support.

The expert can draw and place augmented instructions directly into the employee’s field of view – increasing first-time fix rates and reducing down-time costs.

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Replace outdated communication methods with smart AR communication: Allow your expert to see exactly what your onsite technician sees and place augmented instructions directly in the technician’s field of view – avoid days of back and forth to identify problems and find the right fox for them.

Key features

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One button, real-time access to expert knowledge by your employess and customers

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Draw annotations or overlay visual instructions onto the real-world view with the help of AR

Icon Sharing

Holistic incident management – overview of all incidents and access to a global database of issues already resolved

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White label solution – Easily branded with your corporate visual identity