An attention-grabbing interactive experience Stereoscape delivered to Dell Technologies to showcase Dell’s open telecom ecosystem: The elements of the ecosystem are presented by game tokens resembling chess pieces that users get to play with on a MultiTaction tabletop display. 

MultiTaction’s industry-leading multi-touch displays and visual collaboration software deliver the ultimate interactive experience – with a human touch.

The unique touch technology of MultiTaction’s interactive displays provides unlimited, simultaneous touch points for multiple users and gives you the freedom to create different types of wall and table display configurations. 

MultiTaction’s innovative software suite enables visual collaboration and dynamic multimedia presentations that inspire users to interact with images, videos, live feeds, documents, websites, software applications and more.

Stereoscape creates visually stunning interactive content for MultiTaction displays. You can also rent a 55” MultiTaction display from us for event and other use. MultiTaction is Stereoscape’s technology partner.

Main features

MultiTaction solutions are used by corporations, museums, educational institutions and entertainment companies around the world.

Decca (MT 557D) displays represent the next generation of MultiTaction display hardware with

  • Fast, responsive and reliable touch tracking system that makes interacting fun and effortless
  • Truly unlimited, simultaneous touch points using fingers, pens etc.
  • Infinite range of display layouts – curves, right angles, tables
  • Accurate, durable engineering and whisper quiet cooling 


MT Canvus visualisation software and MT Showcase presentation software enable

  • A giant workspace that is easily scalable and can be split into many independent workspaces
  • Remote touch collaboration with near-zero latency, BYOD support and integration with any video conferencing platform
  • Quick note function for rapid collaborative ideation
  • Rich media support and integration with MS Office, AutoCAD and other applications

Key benefits

  • Natural, spontaneous interaction – unlike video conferencing, MultiTaction solutions are designed with true collaboration in mind, empowering people and promoting active participation 
  • Memorable, personalised experiences – hands-on interaction engages people, encourages sharing, creates an emotional connection and leaves a lasting impression in marketing and other communication
  • Interactive collaboration for modern hybrid work – remote users can view, share, manipulate, draw and input data from their individual devices and collaborate in real time with on-premise users
  • Simple and intuitive user interface – even a first-time user can have an inspiring collaboration experience 
  • Ease of control – managing access and editing rights for different user groups is possible from a single dashboard plus you have control over who can access your individual content
  • Data security – data securely saved on your own server on-premises

Use cases


Use MultiTaction displays to provide an enticing social platform, enhance student engagement and nurture a collaborative learning environment – or take distance learning to the next level and boost student recruitment.


Create an entire interactive branded environment on a MultiTaction touch screen – and instead of passive delivery of presentations, get your customers out of their seats and let them actively engage with your marketing content. 


Visualise data to make it more meaningful and easier to understand. Let people interact with the data and get a grasp on the big picture – helping them gain new insights and add value through interactive ideation and collaboration.


Instead of mere observation, enable fascinating exploration and immerse visitors in memorable hands-on interaction – everyone can gather around, have a social experience and easily share what they are seeing. 

Stereoscape’s services

Content production

We are experts in producing interactive content. Our services range from creative ideation and concepting to agile production and flexible updates. 

Whether your goal is to engage customers and visitors, facilitate more productive meetings or make learning more fun, we help you tell compelling stories and deliver immersive experiences on MultiTaction displays. 

Display rental

We have a 55” MultiTaction Decca display (MTD-557GD) that we rent for event, exhibition, marketing campaign and other use. 

Decca represents the latest generation of MultiTaction display hardware with multiple mount options. Use it in a landscape, portrait or tabletop configuration and add a wow factor to boost audience engagement. 

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