Industrial Solutions

Our solutions, based on modern AR technology and interactive tools, provide great benefits for a big variety of businesses including maintenance, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare. By helping your workforce perform tasks easier and more efficiently.

Ensure high quality work and streamline processes
  • Show work or maintenance instructions in real time by projecting them on objects through smart glasses, tablets or phones


  • Ensure fast learning with easy-to-understand visual guidance


  • Read barcodes and qr codes automatically via machine vision and avoid manual documentation


  • Prolong machine lifetime with guided preventive maintenance
Cut costs
  • Create a fast real-time connection to an expert via smart device from anywhere in the world


  • Avoid unnecessary travel and resolve issues remotely


  • Keep your employees’ hands free for work by making it possible to document work via speech or gesture control


  • Speed up work by cutting time wasted on manual work and information search
Speed up employee learning and onboarding
  • Constantly available instructions allow for fast start at productive work


  • Less need for guidance from senior employees as new employees can work independently sooner thanks to virtual learning material


  • Accelerate Knowledge Transfer: onboard and train junior technicians quicker by enabling senior experts to guide them remotely
machine maintenance speed in industrial production
time saving in hospital ward tours

Source: Jeremy Dalton, Reality Check: How Immersive Technologies Can Transform Your Business, 2021.


WorkfloPlus - A Digital Work Instruction Solution

Turn your manual, paper-based work processes into easy-to-follow, step-by-step digital workflows available on mobile devices and smart glasses. The solution makes the work of employees easier and faster and improves the quality of work.

digital factory


Remote assistance

Remote assistance is a cloud-based solution which provides real-time remote support in field service and customer support sectors through voice and video technology. Incorporating real-time video annotations, screenshots, document sharing and chat functionality, this new technology aims to deliver a comprehensive support solution and enables your experts to be contacted regardless of location.


Virtual work and maintenance instructions

Create visual, step-by-step work or maintenance instructions by projecting digital information directly onto the product under maintenance or manufacture. Virtual instructions can include 3D animation, IoT data, and 2D animation such as text and videos. With the help of the instructions, employees learn the correct ways of working quickly and are able to work independently without long training or the need for a separate trainer.


AR-assisted collecting and distributing

Speed ​​up your warehouse distribution and picking operations with an AR-based solution that enables hands-free working and makes it possible for your employees to complete work tasks instead of manual work documentation. The workflow is controlled by smart glasses and speech, utilising image recognition to read barcodes or qr codes and control the process. As a result, work quality is improved and throughput is quicker.

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