Interactive retail storytelling and customer analytics with iScape


Stereoscape has teamed up with Flux LDN – an innovation lounge in London for emerging interactive technologies. We launched the partnership by presenting our RFID iScape in co-operation with Suunto Watches and iFace Digital Mirror from CloudCasting. RFID iScape is a cutting-edge retail solution that brings brands and products alive with rich interactive content while generating valuable customer data.



RFID iScape turns physical items into interactive digital stories with the help of radio frequency identification (RFID) tags attached to the items. As a customer picks up a product, the RFID tag triggers a nearby digital screen to display videos, images, reviews, usage tips and other content related to the selected product. Facial recognition software integrated in the solution helps collect customer data. Besides iFace Digital Mirror, RFID iScape also works on other displays from LCD screens to video walls.

To demonstrate our versatile tech portfolio at Flux LDN, we added mobile interaction into the solution to provide a link to web store, digital coupons etc. Facial recognition, RFID and mobile interaction technologies together generate a wealth of useful data on customers and their behaviour, including gender, age group, item picked and time viewed.



RFID iScape aroused great interest at Flux LDN, and visitors were very impressed with the way different technologies had been combined to create an engaging experience that is both interactive and shoppable and produces valuable data about customer behaviour.

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