Interactive tour of Finnish cleantech

Cleantech Finland

What do you do when you need to present a large number of companies in an interesting and memorable way in a trade show or other event? Do you make a video where you present them all one by one in alphabetical order, and just wish that the audience interested in company Z will hang in there all the way from the beginning? When you have about 200 companies from seven different industry sectors to cover, you know your chances of keeping the audience interested throughout your video are arbitrarily small. Especially when part of your audience just wants to get an overview of the whole industry, but another part wants to dig deep into details of individual companies and their products.

This was the challenge that Cleantech Finland, a hub of Finnish cleantech expertise and sustainable innovations, presented to Stereoscape. The network needed a platform to introduce itself, it’s seven different industry sectors, and it’s over 200 individual companies in a new and interesting way in events and trade shows around the world.


The solution – multimedia, multi-touch wall

Stereoscape brought together Cleantech Finland’s member companies’ presentations on a wall size multimedia, multi-touch screen. The 4 meter wide 1,5 meter high MultiTaction® interactive display allows the network and the companies in it to tell their stories in multiple interactive layers using 3D animations, videos, texts, audio files, infographics, etc.

The display allows an unlimited number of touch points for several users to enjoy the experience at the same time, which is a big advantage in trade show settings. The layered structure of the content – cleantech sector overviews, company presentations or more detailed product information – allows visitors to engage with the content on just the level they find interesting. While one user is getting the big picture of an industry sector, another one can be watching a 3D video of a specific company’s environmentally sustainable product.


The results – digital attraction and tailor-made product tours

The multimedia experience takes the audience on a tour of the Finnish cleantech expertise, where everyone gets a tailor-made tour based on his specific interests. It is a new way for Cleantech Finland to present its members in an interactive experience that attracts attention, engages audiences and increases visibility for the individual member companies as well as the whole network.

Stereoscape’s extensive expertise in layered storytelling and interactivity made us a good partner for Cleantech Finland. MultiTaction systems are based on proprietary software and hardware and as a member of the MultiTaction partner network, Stereoscape had also the technical knowhow for building a solution that makes the best out of the wall size interactive multi-touch display system.

During fall 2016, the Cleantech Finland MultiTaction video wall is on display for the general public at the Cleantech Showroom of Helsinki’s new tourist hotspot Allas Seapool.

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