Virtual showroom for remote customer engagement

Wulff Entre and Swedish Energy Agency

“Our collaboration with Stereoscape on this virtual showroom project was great. Everything ran smoothly and our contact person was superb, a true professional! Though the project was complicated, all the details went according to plan and timetable, and we managed to create a truly inspiring setting for customer interaction in the virtual space.” 


Sam Björklund 

Project Manager, Wulff Entre

Client challenge

  • How to organise a memorable online event where visitors can meet virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • How to showcase innovative products and solutions in an engaging and informative manner in a virtual environment
  • How to boost lead generation in new ways, without face-to-face contacts

End users

  • Virtual visitors attending the 2021 Hannover Messe that was staged in a purely digital format 
  • Swedish Energy Agency and participating companies

Content and interactivity

  • 3D animations, videos, images, slide presentations
  • Contact form links, video call links 
  • Teleportation for moving around in the virtual space

Stereoscape solution

  • A virtual plaza where each of the twelve exhibiting companies has its own address 
  • Based on the physical Swedish Energy Pavilion at Hannover Messe in 2019
  • Possibility for visitors to move freely in the virtual space as avatars, interacting with the exhibitors and other visitors 

Solution type

Distribution and display

  • Hannover Messe website
  • Optimised for desktop/laptop use
Icon Sharing
Empowers and encourages networking in a virtual environment
Icon Learning
Makes use of gamification (avatars) to boost engagement
Icon Update
Cost-efficiently recycles client’s existing content assets
Icon Sustainability Blue
Enables anywhere access with no need for visitors to travel


Wulff Entre offers a comprehensive range of trade show services and options, including innovative hybrid person to person services. For Wulff Entre’s client, Swedish Energy Agency, Hannover Messe is a key event to promote Swedish energy innovations. In 2020, Hannover Messe was cancelled due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, but the event returned in 2021 in a completely digital format. To explore different digital exhibition options, Wulff Entre contacted Stereoscape. Time was of the essence. Wulff Entre’s client quickly needed a solution to showcase Swedish cleantech companies at the trailblazing digital event. As in a traditional trade show, the objective was to provide an opportunity for effective marketing, lead generation and visitor engagement – but this time in an inviting virtual space, where remote customers could meet and talk with exhibitors and other visitors.



Stereoscape created a 3D-modelled virtual showroom, using Swedish Energy Agency’s physical exhibition stand at the 2019 Hannover Messe as a starting point. The stand – created by Wulff Entre – featured a colourful mini city inspired by Stockholm’s old town. In the virtual Swedish Energy pavilion, each exhibiting company has its own building around the town’s central square, and each building houses a virtual meeting room with a video screen and other presentation and communication elements. Visitors can engage in a live conversation with the exhibitor via a video call button or arrange a meeting through a contact form button. 

Visitors and pavilion staff have a chance to create their own avatars and use the online alter egos to interact with one another. Teleporting speeds up navigation in the virtual space, and an intuitive user interface with clear instructions facilitates virtual exploration of the participating companies’ products and services. Within the tight time schedule, it took us six weeks from the project kick-off to have the virtual showroom up and running at the digital event. Watch this video for a detailed explanation of how the showroom works.

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