Virtual experience to support vocational orientation and language learning

Helsinki Skills Center and City of Helsinki

“The virtual training environment created by Stereoscape is a great way for our students to familiarise themselves with a real-world work situation. Based on a pedagogical approach that supports multiple learning styles, the VR experience is memorable, easy to use and popular among the students.” 


Johanna Hemminki

Project lead for Helsinki Skills Center

Client challenge

  • How to enhance vocational orientation and help achieve pedagogical goals 
  • How to support learning of Finnish language
  • How to present customer service work in an understandable and engaging format to learners who don’t speak Finnish

End users

Students of the Helsinki Skills Center who participate in orientational studying and have interest in customer service work and learning Finnish language

Content and interactivity

Virtual 3D supermarket environment for students to move around and interact in

Multiple-choice questions and feedback in both text and audio formats, in plain Finnish 

Feedback to user on a scale 1-10

Stereoscape solution

  • VR based learning experience that takes learners fifteen minutes to complete
  • The learners move in a virtual environment and face different customer service situations that they solve by choosing the best answer from multiple-choice questions
  • The text content is in Finnish and is read out loud in plain language to support language learning

Solution type

Virtual reality training environment

Distribution and display

VR software for Oculus VR headset

Icon training
Immersive and engaging way to carry out student orientation
Icon quality
Learning environment supports educational goals
Icon Flexible
Future-proof, scalable solution: new content can be added later
Icon Customisable
Interactive experience provides feedback for the learner


Helsinki Skills Center, part of the City of Helsinki, offers vocational training and employment services for immigrants. The organisation was looking for an engaging and empowering vocational orientation method which would give their learners an opportunity to try out customer service work, and see if it is something that might interest them as a career path. Another goal of the training was to develop the practical Finnish language skills of the learners in typical customer service situations.



Based on the client’s pedagogical goals, Stereoscape scripted and created an interactive and immersive 3D-modelled virtual training experience, accessed via Oculus VR headset. Called StadiMart VR, the training takes place in a virtual supermarket, where the learners practise various customer service situations. 

Ten different, dialogue-based customer service scenarios were developed in close collaboration with the client’s educational experts. In the virtual environment, the learner gets the opportunity to interact with clients of various ages, and face typical situations such as receiving customer feedback, polite forms of addressing a client, and dealing with a difficult client. 

The virtual training is completed by answering multiple-choice questions. The questions, answer choices and the feedback for users are shown in text format, and are read out loud in plain Finnish in order to support language learning.

By allowing students to select the best answer and getting feedback, they can get a clear understanding whether customer service work is suitable for them. In other words, the virtual training provides important “aha-moments” for students.

The training starts with instructions for moving and interacting in the environment. At the end of the training the students receive the overall feedback on their performance on a scale of one to ten. Completing the training takes about fifteen minutes.

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