Interactive XR showrooms and 360-degree tours


SHOWSCAPE® interactive virtual showrooms are AR, MR or VR powered presentation solutions that turn any location into a virtual showroom, where people can observe, explore and experience virtual products and spaces ‘as if they were there’.

Our solutions grow with your needs. You can start from a basic version and later add new content and new features – or start from a more extensive version. These are some of the options we offer.


Interactive single and multi-user virtual showrooms accessible on Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality headsets


Interactive 360-degree tours accessible on mobile devices, desktops and VR headsets


Augmented reality experiences accessible on mobile devices

Key features

Icon Devices

XR-powered – AR, MR and VR alternatives, depending on use case

Icon touch

Familiar touch control or intuitive gesture and gaze control – depending on XR alternative selected

Icon Sharing

Unlimited, extensible and updatable virtual space – new content can be cost-efficiently added

Icon Interaction

Single-user and multi-user usage modes for individual and shared experiences

Key benefits

Show – don’t tell

Let users experience how products and spaces function – instead of being told in a passive video or slideshow

Transcend distance and time

Give users access to product and places out of reach in the real world – visit remote sites, dive underwater or explore products and spaces that are still on the drawing board

Deliver impact and meaning

Place virtual objects in real-world environments or immerse people in a virtual world and let them actively engage with information in its relevant context

Cut costs and carbon footprint

Avoid shipping and setting up physical equipment in tradeshows or other events