We invite you to unlock your future – digital experiences with augmented reality

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“Unlock your Future” is a vision, a call to action for the collaboration event Loihde Ateljee. It invites you to an artistic experience, to dress to impress and to reveal your digital footprint. There is a digital space to relax in and extra augmented spices to add to food and drink. The Invitation is presented by Loihde Ateljee. 

From the Stereoscape point of view unlocking your future means new kinds of experiences that are not only reality, but also digital layers that reveal something hidden, add experiences for all your senses and make things easier and fun to use. 

You can find the Stereoscape augmented reality (AR) experience at Eat and drink restaurant Version located in Helsinki. The starting point for creating the customer experience was the brand of the restaurant and the concept of how to include the garden in an immersive way on top of the servings. The personnel at Restaurant Version participated in the journey by designing special portions for the digital experience. 

You can have an AR drink, an AR main course and an AR dessert to enjoy with visual animations and sound. You can interact with the digital experience and have something for lunch that you have never had before.

Loihde Ateljee Layers logo and date 17.9.-26.9.2021.

Unlimited possibilities of VR and AR

Loihde Ateljee is an exciting experience and while you enjoy it – we also invite you to discuss the digital possibilities in your area of business. 

Virtual reality events have been going on more actively since 2020 and new digital spaces for trade shows are very much needed. In one stand you can present a limited amount of machinery, devices and services, but with the possibilities in virtual reality it is only a question of how much you want to include. You can bring in the entire factory with all the relevant operations and qualities to be shown. You can read more about virtual showrooms here.

If we think about this from the learning perspective, we can forget the trips to training centres. The virtual reality center is open 24/7 and available wherever the employees are. They can learn maintenance, safety, operations and communication by doing.

In virtual reality learning is designed and personalized for you. It motivates, supports and makes learning interesting through gamification. What used to take one hour to learn now takes fifteen minutes in VR. 

Loihde Ateljee invites you to start thinking about future experiences from your company’s and organisation’s perspective. There are companies that are already far ahead in digitalisation, remote support and virtual learning, but the development phases are not getting any shorter so it’s important to begin. You can read about how Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science is implementing AR technology in their maintenance processes.

Journey of learning, collaboration and sharing

What possibilities the future XR technology unlocks depends on how it is built on a strategic level, how the implementation is designed to support critical operations and valuable know-how. You need will and courage to start the process and you might need a proof of concept to clarify where the best benefits and KPIs are for the company. 

How the future will include all levels of the company’s operations in the virtual world and how accessible and easy to use they are are the questions which will be formed during the next years to come. This is a journey of integrations and solutions coming together and accessibility of data at all levels. Making things visual and effective needs good client journey descriptions and a good understanding of the user.

From the Stereoscape perspective, the future means fast developing XR technology that creates value and new experiences. It will unlock remote operations and sharing and create new challenges, but also new ways of working. It will address questions like how the virtual presence of the company comes to life and how learning is made possible in an engaging and effective way. 

Loihde Ateljee has been a great journey of learning, collaboration and sharing. We have been very happy to participate in it – warm thanks to all the participating organisations!

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