Training and education

Interactive, immersive and gamified learning experiences tailored to your unique needs
Onboarding and recruiting

Tackle skills gap and employee turnover by attracting talent and onboarding smoothly


Reduce workplace accidents with immersive health and safety trainings

Soft skills

Empower your staff and boost confidence with scenario-based virtual trainings

Technical skills

Train, upskill and test employees on job-specific hard skills

Onboarding and recruiting

Tackle skills gap by by attracting talent and onboarding smoothly


Reduce workplace accidents with immersive health and safety trainings

Soft skills

Empower your staff and boost confidence with scenario-based virtual trainings

Technical skills

Train, upskill and test employees on job-specific hard skills

Benefits of using XR in training and education

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Higher engagement

During immersive training, people are more focused on the task and show higher levels of motivation and retention in VR than in traditional training.

Icon analytics

Trackable results

Virtual trainings can be distributed and tracked online. Our learning solutions enable efficient data collection from learners’ actions even in standalone virtual reality environments.

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Learners can be trained remotely, reducing environmental impact and travel costs. Virtual trainings allow you to avoid real-life damage to people and property – and the related costs.

Onboarding and recruiting

The pandemic triggered the Great Resignation, and the skills gap is already impeding growth. Employers must constantly repeat a recruitment and onboarding cycle which takes time, money and resources. Our tailored virtual onboarding solutions come to the rescue.

Interactive 2D
Tackle employee turnover by attracting talent and onboarding smoothly

Better information retention
Immersive learning allows new recruits to learn faster and start contributing sooner with less mistakes.

Save time and resources
Virtual onboarding eliminates the need for trainers and trainees to travel, lodge and book a venue leaving more time for the actual training.

Convenient self-paced learning
New hires can take the training in the comfort of their of their own home at the time and date that suits them best.

Safety training

Workplace injuries cause both human and financial costs. Proactive safety measures are vital to achieving zero accidents. Immersive safety training programs are one way to prevent an accident from taking place, promote safety as a company value, and engage employees in workplace safety.

Reduce workplace accidents with virtual reality

Scalable and cost-effective
Train employees, contractors and visitors in safe work practices without disrupting operations or building expensive physical simulation environments. Provide anytime, anywhere, on-demand access to trainings with unlimited distribution.

Less human errors through high-impact learning
In a virtual environment, trainees can safely experience the consequences of mistakes, without being exposed to real harm. Through experiential learning, trainees gain deeper understanding and make less mistakes.

Track progress
LMS integration allows you to keep track of people who completed the training, and measure learning through analytics.

StadiLab VR – Laboratory training for StadinAO students
safety 360

Soft skills training

Great interpersonal and communication skills are needed when dealing with challenging situations and customers. You can prepare your staff through role-playing in an immersive environment – so when your employees encounter a difficult situation in real life for the first time, they’ll be ready.

Interactive 2D
Empower your staff and boost confidence with scenario-based virtual trainings

Equip your staff for exceptional service
Let new hires practise customer interactions and get the hang of your company values and policies in simulated real-world scenarios that also allow you to test employee knowledge.

Keep service quality consistent across locations
Virtual soft skills trainings can be scaled across operations independent of trainer availability or skill, so your staff is equipped for delivering top notch customer service experiences everywhere.

Avoid security threats and PR disasters
Employees can practice at their own pace to gain confidence and skill to handle difficult situations – before they escalate into potential damage e.g., in social media.

Case | StadiMart VR – Learning customer service for StadinAO students

Client challenge
How to improve the learners’ practical Finnish language skills while trying out customer service work in an engaging and empowering way?

We created
An immersive training experience set in a virtual supermarket with ten scripted customer service scenarios and multiple choice questions in accessible plain Finnish.

Technical skills training

50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025, according the World Economic Forum 5/2022. Stereoscape will help you to find the best technical solutions to upskill your employees and enable learning by doing in immersive virtual environments.

Interactive 2D
Train, upskill and test employees on job-specific hard skills.

Boost learning and reduce errors
Interactive, step-by-step process visualisations allow workers to understand their tasks faster than traditional manuals and speed up on-the-job learning.

Increase availability
Tackle skill gaps with easily accessible digital instructions or training, independent of the availability of experts or instructors. Allow workers virtual access to machinery without disrupting operations.

Bring joy back to learning
Acquiring new knowledge can be wearying. Gamified immersive learning experiences are fun and can attract new talent too.

Stereoscape as your partner

We design and build immersive 3D, AR and VR solutions that drive more impactful training, productivity gains and environmental benefits.

We are a consultative and innovative partner, working with companies that recognise the transformative potential of virtual technologies.


We evaluate where 3D, AR and VR make business sense – how can your operations benefit from our solutions?

Design sprint

We map your needs and goals, plan the educational content, and find the best technologies and tools for your purpose.

Agile production

We build the training in close collaboration with you. From user experience, 3D modelling, and software development all the way to distribution – we got it covered.

User testing

We test the training with your end users, and fine-tune accordingly.


We instruct and train your employees using the solution, and help you implement the organisational change.

Analytics, scaling and support

As your long-term partner, we provide analytics, support, upgrades, and scaling – extending the lifespan of the solution.