Connected working

AR is driving the next step of digitalisation in the industrial workplace

Augmented reality is becoming an integral part of industry 4.0 initiatives and the emerging industrial metaverse – driving future competitive advantage and delivering real value through process efficiency, improved collaboration and sustainability benefits. 

Beyond the consumer metaverse hype, industry-proven, fully integrated AR solutions are already helping companies do more with less, empower their employees and serve their customers more quickly and efficiently.

Streamlined processes – greater efficiencies

AR streamlines manual processes and improves collaboration in the industrial workplace by assisting workers with AR-enabled guides & instructions and by connecting frontline workers with remote experts for see-what-I-see support.

AR can overlay step-by-step work instructions onto the physical world, and head-mounted AR displays allow hands-free working. Easier access to critical information speeds up processes, decreases error rates, saves costs and improves safety and ergonomics. 

Focus on concrete use cases with people first

We offer AR-powered connected working solutions that build upon your existing digitalisation efforts and enhance the work your employees are already doing in assembly, manufacturing, maintenance and logistics. We help you identify concrete use cases with an opportunity for quick wins to build confidence and buy-in – and assist you all the way from pilot implementation to deployment and scaling. 

We emphasise a human-centered approach. The objective is to give your workers better digital tools to allow them to be more effective in a safe workplace. For you, this means a more engaged, committed and adaptive workforce.

Industry-proven solutions from our world-leading partners

We are proud to partner with world-leading AR platform and hardware vendors with innovative, industry-proven technology. Thanks to our strong partnerships, we have the right resources and capabilities in place to deliver solutions and services in an agile and efficient manner.

Find out more about the partners we work with.

At your service, every step of the way
These are the key steps we follow to ensure that every project we deliver is a success.

By understanding your needs and goals and drawing on our expertise in lean management, we evaluate where it makes business sense to support your workers with industrial AR solutions. We then identify a concrete use case together with you. 

We also assist you in scoping the project and selecting KPIs to gauge the performance and success of the project.

Whilst the solutions employ self-service tools to quickly create and update workflows with easy drag-and-drop functionalities, build processes from scratch, customise templates and more – with no programming skills – we are ready to help you in configuring and customising the solution for you.   

We help you with the technical implementation, assist in choosing the right hardware and organise training tailored to the needs of your operation and workers. We also assist you in integration to your backend systems and provide the support needed for a frictionless roll-out. 

If you decide to start with a pilot implementation, we support you in setting up and completing the pilot. 

We collaborate with you to draw up a service agreement that makes sense for you and fits the level of support you need. The remote support capabilities of our partners mean assistance can be provided instantly.

Industrial AR solutions are quick to deploy, easy to integrate to backend systems and intuitive to use. Let’s get started! We’re here to help.
Director, Industrial XR Solutions
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