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Only a year ago companies were widely showcasing their products in physical events around the world. After the pandemic started, marketing and sales departments had to suddenly find ways to showcase their products remotely. The mission to find cost-effective, sustainable and creative ways to communicate complex product information to clients has been a part of company digitalization strategies for a longer time, yet no one anticipated how quickly these new solutions would have to be implemented. 

In the current situation, looking into VR and AR technologies is a natural direction to explore. With such an aggressive jump in digitalization, conventional digital mediums are being overused. Audiences are tired with endless video calls and thirst for new kinds of engaging content. More B2B buyers are online than ever before, but they engage with information for shorter times, not giving attention to long texts and hard to read product information. Visual, intuitive and interactive information is proving to create and converse leads far better as decision makers choose carefully who to invest their time in.

City view try it here

This means that utilizing XR technologies gives companies a natural competitive advantage, even in the long term. The pandemic has speeded up the adaptation of these new technologies and revived the discussion about it. Many companies are finding impressive benefits from innovative use of new 3D solutions. Some companies that might find new VR or AR solutions costly and difficult to adapt with no reasonable business benefits are being proven their views are profoundly unfounded.

According to Hypergrid Business 75 % of the biggest brands have integrated some form of virtual or augmented reality experience for customers or employees, or they are developing these technologies. The message of the companies that have invested in VR or AR is clear:

  • 93% think VR has had a positive impact on business
  • 88% think AR/MR has had a positive impact on business
  • 99% are considering to invest more into XR within the next few years

With new technologies businesses are able to reap results in B2B sales as they can maintain high customer service levels and high quality digital engagement. Only companies with abilities to offer digital experiences that engage at the level of face-to-face meetings can be considered potential partners in this new digital reality.

Team working VR

We can say, without a doubt, that the world is in the process of virtualization and the processes of product communication are becoming more and more interactive and immersive. Stereoscape has created the Showscape product family to answer the new demands of the market. These customer tailored solutions enable, for example touch-and-feel product presentations as well as real time exploration of key locations, and can be easily accessed via smartphone, tablet or PC depending on the customer’s needs and use case.

What use cases are Showscape solutions intended for?

  • Showscape 3D Presenter for communicating your product benefits in 3D or AR at webinars or in online meetings
  • Showscape 360 Space for taking your customers to 360°-degree virtual tours to a replica of your showroom or key location and presenting your offering in real time.
  • Showscape VR Multiuser for engaging your customers inside a visually stunning VR experience. 
  • Showscape Prime for fully customized virtual showrooms for online audience or in-person events.

Try it in practise:
Showscape 360 space

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