Gamification brings Dell’s interactive touchscreen showcase to life at MWC Barcelona 2023

Dell using multitaction table at mwc barcelona

Stereoscape’s recent collaboration with Dell and MultiTaction attracted clients and new leads around a gamified interactive table at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Stereoscape pushed the creative possibilities of the giant touchscreen to its maximum impact by utilising the Unity game engine. Stereoscape’s Creative Strategist Janne Itäpiiri reports. What is MWC Barcelona and what was Dell’s […]

Stereoscape mukana TeamViewerin kanssa Manufacturing Performance Days -tapahtumassa Tampereella 5.-7.6.2023


Olemme mukana yhdessä kumppanimme TeamViewerin kanssa esittelemässä teolliseen työhön suunniteltua TeamViewer Frontline -alustaratkaisua Manufacturing Performance Days -tapahtumassa 5.-7. kesäkuuta. 8. kerran Manufacturing Performance Days kerää yhteen teollisuusyritykset, tutkijat ja teknologia- ja palveluntarjoajat kaikkialta maailmasta. Maailmanluokan puhujat käsittelevät puheenvuoroissaan teollisuuden digitalisaatiota, liiketoiminnan johtamista ja tulevaisuuden työtä. Tapahtuman ohjelma rakentuu viiden teeman ympärille: Stereoscapen Kenneth David Korhonen on mukana paneelikeskustelussa […]

Serlachius Museum brings art education to a virtual art gallery

virtual museum for education

Art workshops and museum tours in a virtual art gallery? Stereoscape’s experience designer Sannimari Honkanen and Päivi Viherkoski from Serlachius museum talk about creating a virtual art gallery where participants can experience the museum space and look at and discuss art works together.

Boosting MedTech training and after-sales services with augmented reality


With travel restrictions and physical distancing widely adopted as measures to tackle the global Covid-19 crisis, many sectors of society have had to expedite their digitisation plans and look at more effective ways for remote working. But there are also many essential service workers who can’t do their jobs remotely. How can we assist them in these exceptional times?

In this blog, Stereoscape’s Karoliina Leisti discusses how augmented reality and other digital interactive technologies can help boost learning, installation and maintenance functions in the MedTech sector.

Interactivity and multilayer content as building blocks for effective B2B sales and marketing

Interaktiivinen esitystyökalu, jolle näytetään peukkua

In our last blog, we looked at how effective information architecture (IA) helps make sense of complex information. The way information is organised becomes even more important when creating interactive or multi-layered content. In this article we take a look at how information architecture underpins interactive, multi-layered storytelling, helping personalise and customise content for effective B2B marketing and sales.

What elements underpin effective information architecture?

Using interactive tugboat presentation

In an increasingly busy world, effective information architecture helps make sense of complex information. The reverse is also true: even good content can fail if it is structured badly. In this article we shed light on the elements that underpin effective information architecture.

Interactivity supports B2B buying process

Examples of interactivity in b2b buying process

Whilst suppliers have a hard time selling in competitive B2B markets, their customers are struggling to buy. With B2B buying getting more complex, it’s critical for suppliers to make the purchase process easier for their customers. Interactive content can help B2B companies support their customers in completing the buying job.

Interactive marketing is the key for better customer engagement

Kädessä tabletti jonka toimii myynnin työkaluna

In the overcrowded world of marketing messages, digital interactive tools are proving to make product communication and other marketing more engaging and effective. Our new blog series on smart product communication begins with a look at why interactivity is such a powerful tool for modern marketers.